What was Revealed for “LEGO DC Super-Villains” During E3 Live Stream

By now, the promised live stream of Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales Games’ latest LEGO videogame title, DC Super-Villains, has wrapped up. One can find snippets of the preview online, but now the time has come to digest what has been revealed. There are some interesting new reveals seen.

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Snippets of story cut-scenes indicate that the disappearance of the Justice League was due to the machinations of the alternate-dimension Crime Syndicate, evil counterparts of DC’s superheroes who fake being a heroic League to trick the real ones. The Syndicate’s usurpation of the LEGO-verse JL spurs super-villains to fight back.

As stated before, while the game offers players control over a staggering amount of DC baddies (150!)from colorful criminals to sinister super-humans, the viewpoint is still focused on an original created character, one other inmate of Arkham Asylum. Completing quests and such however, unlocks customization options that could turn the player-crook avatar into an expy of one of his fellow Villains, or an entirely new-look Villain of the game.


Locations in LEGO DC Super-Villains range from the usual DC cities of Gotham and Metropolis, to Apokolips itself. In addition, TT Games spokesperson Arthur Parsons hinted at some voice cast names with how he said “Batman is Batman and Joker is Joker”. A possible Conroy-Hamill return? We already know that Luthor and Harley are Clancy Brown and Tara Strong again.

That was about it for the E3 preview on LDCSV. The best bet for more reveals on this game would be SDCC on the following month.

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