10 LEGO Creator DIY Building Tips To Add Fun During Your Family Get-Together This Christmas.

We’re just hours away before we celebrate Christmas, and on behalf of the Brick Show team, I just want to greet each and every one of you a joyous celebration of the holidays. It has been a great and wonderful year, and I just want to thank you for all the support that you have shown Jason, Stephen, Brian, and the rest of the gang, including myself and Morgan as you continue to subscribe here in Brick Show’s blogsite. Your contribution and continuous subscription to our site encourages us to always give our best in delivering the most up-to-date, LEGO-related content to fuel our shared passion for the LEGO brick.

As they say, Christmas is a season of sharing and giving, and LEGO throughout the years, have shared several tips on how to create the most amazing builds with just a few LEGO bricks that you may have lying around in your house. As we prepare for our Christmas family get together, I’ve compiled ten (10) of the coolest LEGO Creator Do-It-Yourself building tips that can keep our young ones (and AFOLs alike) busy during this most festive time of the year. You can have them as a sort of building game, a race, or any LEGO building activity that can add fun to your family gatherings. Check out these videos and see which of them you can build. Don’t worry if some of the video thumbnail doesn’t look right – just click on the play button and it will work just fine.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out Brick Show’s very own LEGO Winter Village MOC video where you can find the first ever collaboration of the entire TBS team to come up with the grandest Winter Village MOC that the cast ever made. So if you have fun watching Tyler, Sean, Brian, Stephen and Jason in their individual review or tutorial videos, then I’m sure you’ll have a blast seeing them all work together on this certified TBS version of the Winter Village.


Blue and White Snowflake


Evergreen Tree


Candle Wreath




Wrapped Presents and Packages


Popup Santa


Miniature Train


Hanging Tree Ornament


Snow Globe


Miniature Winter Village House


Once again, in behalf of all of us here at the Brick Show, have a blessed and meaningful Christmas! Happy Yuletide building!


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