Classic LEGO 60th Anniversary Sets Already Out of Stock at Wal-Mart.

Towards the end of January, the LEGO Group announced one of the first big promotional shots of this year, highlighting the company’s 60th Anniversary celebrations of the patented LEGO brick. In partnership with Wal-Mart, LEGO has made exclusively available with the retail giant a line of retro-styled basic LEGO brick sets and one big, classic box collection.

LEGO and Wal-Mart went on a staggered release date for the three retro sets: House (4000028) on February 1, Windmill (4000029) on February 5, and the Truck (400030) on February 9. However, the print on their respective boxes says it all: that they’re “Limited Edition”. As such, two of these are already out of stock.

To be specific, there’s no more of LEGO House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029) left to buy online from according to the retail giant’s latest product listings update. LEGO collectors in a treasure-hunting mood might try their luck visiting Wal-Mart stores across the country, but for all intents and purposes the first two basic retro sets are officially sold out.

4000028 1

Amazingly, LEGO House (4000028) ran out online 7 days after availability, Windmill (4000029) after only 4. The LEGO truck comes into play this Friday, but based on the stats, the stock for the last one’s going to run out fast.

4000029 1

There’s no word yet if LEGO will restock these limited edition collectibles anew for Wal-Mart, so anyone who hasn’t got one yet had best brace for disappointment. Anyway, the larger Bricks on a Roll (10715) set’s still going strong at last notice, and it’s got a promo attached as well.

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