LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112) to be released in 2018.

What do you know – we’ve got another LEGO update from the international Nuremberg Toy Fair that took place just the week before. While it sounds tad similar, this one’s a different line from the powered LEGO sets from the Boost-enabled Creative Toolbox (17101) that’s getting its own new sets.

This one’s a brilliant addition to the LEGO DC Super Heroes line that’ll make fans of the Dark Knight quite happy. The App-Controlled Batmobile (76112) features a power source that will make it go on its own, and a set of controls which is connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth.

While no sample or even image of this upcoming vehicle set was shared by LEGO at Nuremberg, we have seen a ‘leaked’ image of its box art, and from the looks of it, the build of the App-Controlled Batmobile looks much like a scaled down version of the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes UCS Tumbler (76023) released in 2014. Here’s a not-so-eye-friendly image of 76112.


During the Nuremberg Toy Fair, it was also pointed out that the App-Controlled Batmobile (76112) will have Power Functions 2.0 to drive its wheels and activate its functions, tied to a receiver. These latest version of power functions were also reported to be included in upcoming LEGO train sets such as the LEGO City Passenger Train (60197) and LEGO City Cargo Train (60198)

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It’s most likely that the power functions of this set will come from a device which is very similar to the LEGO WeDo 2.0 Bluetooth Smarthub (45301) as seen above, which enables communication via Bluetooth between the model’s power mechanisms and the dedicated mobile app.

The LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112) is set to come out sometime this year, coming in at 442 pieces and will retail for about $122 or €99.90 depending on which side of the Atlantic buyers might be. Thanks once again to Promobricks for the heads up.

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