2016 New York Toy Fair Coverage ALL DAY LONG!

Hey Guys!

Tom here – I’m the guy who wrote a lot for the blog back from January through till August last year. Well, I’m back from leave now!

Jason and Albert will still be doing most of the stuff here, but I’ll pop in from time to time to do an article here and there. Anyway, enough with that – lets get on to the BIG news today!

In 20 minutes, we will be giving you coverage of everything New York Toy Fair!

That’s right, the doors open in NY at 7am (12pm GMT), and Jason will be going straight in and filming / photographing everything LEGO.

We’ll do a separate article for each theme that gets covered, as well as a separate article for this year’s “Full Reveal” set – the Assault On Hoth.

So, see you soon guys!!!

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