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LEGO Maze is on its way! The upcoming Ideas based approved project was hinted by the brick giant on its Facebook page announcing its release sometime on April. Coded as 21305 LEGO Maze, this cool contraption is the brainchild of Jason (who goes by the name JK Brickworks via Flickr) and comes in 769 pieces.

Its official entry as a LEGO based Idea proposal was originally named as “Labyrinth Marble Maze”. It’s an interactive maze build where the object of the game is to simply ensure that the ball goes from point A to point B. Of course, it may sound simple as it may look. With mazes that are highly customizable and interchangeable, players have unlimited options on how they want their labyrinths to be challenging. According to Jason, “Having an interchangeable maze system means you can customize the maze as you see fit, build additional mazes, and make them as simple or challenging as you want. Check out these pictures of Jason’s customized labyrinths.”

Jason Labyrinth image 3

Jason Labyrinth image 2

Jason Labyrinth image 4


The mechanics of the game is fairly simple. Using a set of LEGO Technic axles and liftarms, players can control the movement of the ball inside the maze. It has a pretty impressive, smooth and accurate control over the movement of the board.

Jason Labyrinth image mechanism

LEGO has not revealed yet on how the LEGO Maze (21305) will actually look and work. For sure they’ll be throwing in some modifications of their won and some probable adjustments in the gameplay. Perhaps they’ll be throwing in some limited edition minifigs. We’ll see. However, what we’re sure of is the fact that the basic gameplay will still be the same. We’ll be updating you soon on the LEGO Maze but for the meantime, check out this video demonstration by Jason on how his Labyrinth works.

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