We’re truly overwhelmed with the positive reviews and comments that we have received recently with our coverage of LEGO’s latest unveilings at the New York City Toy Fair. Jason, Stephen, Tom and the rest of BrickShow’s team is working round the clock to give our brick fans the latest scoops from the city that never sleeps. From Ninjagos to Star Wars, to LEGO City and Junior Sets, BrickShow TV will continue to provide you with the latest news from the brick company live from the annual toy fair. Kindly bear with us if ever you’ll experience any Error 503 along the way due to the heavy load that our servers are experiencing.


For the meantime, allow me to share this excellent coverage done by FamilyGamerTV on what’s new within the quirky, crazy world of LEGO’s Mixels. In the usual LEGO way of releasing a new series every four months, the brick giant unveiled two more sets during the NY Toy Fair in addition to its officially announced Series 7. See more of it in detail in the following video.


As you can see, LEGO Mixels have gone a long way, from its Pokemon-like themes of Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water/Ice, and Magic type of Mixels. 2016 saw a new direction with the introduction of its ‘occupation’-based Mixels that were gradually added in Series 6 with the Weldos Tribe. Well personally, I prefer that LEGO will stick to its original plan of developing ‘elemental-type’ Mixels. It offers more flexibility (and sense) in terms of combining Mixels across tribes. My best guess is that LEGO is keen in developing such wacky combinations to keep up with its unique brand of humor, exemplified in its Cartoon Network animation series.

With that being said, here are the lists of the official Mixels to be offered by LEGO throughout the year. Series 7 is now available in all major stores retailing at $4.99 each. Series 8 is slated to come out sometime in June while Series 9 in October. Credit goes to the Jedi News Team via for the excellent photos of Series 9 straight from the NYTF.

Lego Mixels Series 7: Kuffs (41554), Busto (41555), Tiketz (41556), Camillot (41557), Mixadel (41558), Paladum (41559), Jamzy (41560), Tapsy (41561), Trumpsy (41562)



Lego Mixels Series 8: Splasho (41563), Aquad (41564), Hydro (41565), Sharx (41566), Skulzy (41567), Lewt (41568), Surgeo (41569), Skrubz (41570), Tuth (41571)


Lego Mixels Series 9: Gobbol (41572), Sweepz (41573), Compax (41574), Cobrax (41575), Spinza (41576), Mysto (41577), Screeno (41578), Camsta (41579), Myke (41580)

Mixels_9_Trashoz_Tribe Mixels_9_Nindjas_Tribe Mixels_9_Newzers_Tribe

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