LEGO Movie Producers Shares Some Teasers About “The LEGO Movie Sequel”

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Back in 2014, most people didn’t expect that much from a movie that was animated and rendered entirely using LEGO bricks dismissing it as another cartoonish, ran-off-the-mill production. However, for a film grossing at $468 million worldwide, the film is not easy to dismiss as another ho-hum script with no appeal on pop culture. In fact, even as I am writing this and for some weird reason, ‘Everything is Awesome’ keeps on playing inside my head.

Now that we are in the know of another sequel which is, as you might have guess is aptly entitled as ‘The LEGO Movie Sequel’, Warner Bros. Pictures predictably builds on the success of the first groundbreaking movie. All slated to hit the screens for the next two years, we are already informed of other spin-offs such as ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ and ‘Ninjago’ currently in the works before we see again the (mis)adventures of Emmet and his gang of master builders.


We have very little information with regards to the plot and storyline of ‘The LEGO Movie Sequel’, except for the fact that writers Chris Lord and Phil Miller has already completed its first draft. However, through a recent interview with producer Roy Lee, he shared some hints on what could be potentially exciting on the next instalment from the LEGO franchise. Being careful not to divulge too much of the story’s content, Lee shared his excitement and admiration for Batman’s Gotham City and how it is rendered within the LEGO Movie landscape. Lee says, “Seeing where Batman lives in full LEGO, the audience will love seeing Gotham City fully rendered in LEGO. It’s currently being animated right now because it’s the next movie coming out. Batman will have the same character choices as he had in The LEGO Movie.”

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Talking about Ninjago, Lee commented, “Anyone who knows the series on Cartoon Network will be blown away by the look and feel and huge scope of how we’ve expanded the universe of Ninjago. It’s like seeing The LEGO Movie in a ninja universe.”

So, what can audiences and fans expect from the next LEGO Movie sequel in 2018? Well, Lee was particularly coy in giving out details except for the confirmation that they completed their cast of voice actors already and that every one’s role is already set into place. The first movie was filled with plenty of cameos from other LEGO franchises, and such mash up of unique and famous characters should also be expected in the sequel. Lee added, “The first movie we got a lot of cameos, and it’s not that hard to get them to say yes, especially when they already have deals with LEGO. Having Star Wars, you would think would be almost the hardest thing to get, and if we got Star Wars, there are other things that would be a lot easier.” We remember very well how Hans Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Carlrissian made their appearance in the first movie – only to be gobbled up by a nasty space creature.

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For now, the best thing to do is to keep our horses together and wait until the new LEGO movies hit theaters – plus the cool themed sets that will pave the way for them. The LEGO Batman Movie premieres in U.S. theaters on February 10, 2017, followed by Ninjago on September 22, 2017, The LEGO Movie Sequel on May 18th, 2018, and Billion Brick Race on May 24th, 2019.

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