All of us need some time off every now and then, and even super heroes, no matter how indestructible and invulnerable they are, still need some little R and R. If Batman has his Bat Cave (aka Wayne Manor), and the Avengers their Avengers Mansion, where does an alien from Krypton hangs out?

This was the challenge posed by Janet via her Deviantart Gallery through her faithful recreation of the ‘Fortress of Solitude’ from the original 1978 film, Superman. Created by a shard from the planet Krypton and hidden in the remote Arctic, the Fortress of Solitude is Superman’s home-away-from-home, where he receives instruction from his father, Jor-El. Janet’s build focuses largely on the natural icy exterior that envelopes the enigmatic pyramid-like crystal structure. Her excellent sense of topography, scaling, and her clever use of proper lighting commands absolute attention. Similar to what she did with her other work, Her Majesty’s Theater, where she focused primarily in developing its exquisitely detailed interior, the Fortress of Solitude gives more emphasis on the exterior details of the cave-like structure.


This mini-version of the Kryptonian’s vacation home required a total of 18,864 pieces and 160 hours to build – or roughly a month if Janet worked on it full time. No wonder a only person with such fortitude like that of Janet’s can accomplish this seemingly superhero-like feat. It’s a fitting testament on how solitude can benefit all of us, superheroes or normal guys as we are.

fortress_of_solitude___kneel_before_zod__by_janetvand-d9rboxh fortress_of_solitude___rear_view_by_janetvand-d9rbnqc


We hope to see this build get its much deserved attention, together with the rest of Janet’s work. Don’t forget to visit the rest of her gallery here.


Author: Albert Balanza

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