LEGO LOTR MOC Gallery: Get Inspired With These 15 Amazing Brick-Built Vignettes

Since the launching of the LEGO Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set, many LEGO fans have taken to the internet to share their love for this once prolific LEGO theme, especially over at Flickr. So in honor of LEGO’s Lord of the Rings theme’s 10th-year anniversary, and the book’s almost 70 years in publication, I’ve put together a gallery of 15 amazing brick-built LEGO LOTR MOC vignettes that deserves a second look.

This collection features some of the best LEGO LOTR fan builders out there and highlights their collective work in giving key moments of the LOTR trilogy a unique LEGO twist. LEGO fan builders Thorsten Bonsch, Jonas Kramm, Marcel V., Forlorn Empire, and Grant Davis came up with a brilliant idea to recreate the highlights of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy through a series of brick-built vignettes that underscores each MOC (my own creation) builder’s unique techniques.

As of to date, Grant Davis is the last builder tasked to cap off and render the final scenes of The Return of the King, and I have to say that his building techniques are pretty awesome. Here are the rest of the finished creations by these talented builders. I hope they inspire you to create your very own LEGO LOTR MOC as well.

01. Sauron

13. Loudwater

Welcome to Rivendell


The Gate of Moria

They have a Cave Troll

Bridge of Khazad-dûm



The Reforging of Narsil

Attack on Osgiliath

The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

Shelob's Lair


The Siege of Gondor

There are so many impressive building techniques that were highlighted in these creations that it’s quite difficult to decide which is my favorite.  That brick-built Loudwater River vignette by Thorsten Bonsch is as impressive as the theatrical scene itself, using clear transparent bricks to recreate the magical currents conjured by Arwen.

The Mighty Balrog never fails to amaze me, especially when Jonas Kramm managed to capture its overwhelming presence in his version of the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Building this is quite a feat in itself, considering the challenge of building a towering figure in such a small space.

You can also feel the terror on Sam and Frodo’s faces in this Osgiliath-Nazgul scene recreated by Marcel V. You can also imagine the fear and uncertainty in the hearts of our heroic Hobbits throughout their seemingly impossible climb at the treacherous steps of Cirith Ungol, as envisioned by LEGO LOTR MOC builder ForlornEmpire.

But perhaps Grant Davis’ recreations truly won my heart, especially with his cleverly genius use of LEGO parts. That scene where Sam went face-to-face against Shelob was a testament to Grant’s outstanding creativity. His clever use of rubber wheel pieces gave this unsightly arachnid an almost realistic LEGO rendition. That entrance into Shelob’s lair is also noteworthy, with Grant’s painstaking re-creation of an entangled web. And finally, that Siege of Gondor vignette simply defies gravity as the impact of the boulder sends the tower’s debris all around. It’s as if Flash entered this scene and everything is frozen in time.

If you like these outstanding MOCs, please do these uber-talented builders a favor and follow their Flickr pages where they feature the rest of their creations.  Which of these LEGO LOTR MOCs blows you away? Let me know in the comments below.

More Product Ideas Enter the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

LEGO Ideas 10-K submissions appear to be busying up once again. We just covered one the day before, and not only has another product idea followed, one earlier submission was missed. Ah, sorry about that. Anyhow, let’s take a look at these latest product ideas that qualified to enter the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage.

The LEGO Emergency Box

First, we’ll talk about this modest yet cheeky contribution by SzegoBalint16: The LEGO Emergency Box. As you can see, this is a brick-built emergency case much like one will find in public buildings. It even has an attached hammer ready for use in breaking the glass in case of emergency. What kind of LEGO crisis would need such a contingency setup? Why, the sudden need for a brick separator, of course! There’s an orange one waiting behind the transparent LEGO panels. And at 101 pieces total, this could possibly become the first LEGO Ideas polybag…if it passes review, of course.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

Next on our feature is this sweet interior set based on yet another hit TV series. Remember back in 2018, when Fox canceled “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” only for NBC to catch it? At the time, TT Games Global Community Manager Bear Parker recreated the show’s intro using LEGO videogame graphics. It was quite well-received. And if viewers were impressed by the titular NYPD station’s floor layout in that video, BenFankhauser has redone it. His brick rendition of the Brooklyn 99’s workspace could go toe-to-toe with Jaijai Lewis’ “The Office.” Recall that his submission was selected in the First 2021 Review Stage.

This build of 2,500+ pieces also comes with minifigures of the police sitcom’s main cast. While “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has run its course on two networks, this product idea could become a proper sendoff. Of course, BenFankhauser’s submission must now place itself at the mercy of the LEGO Ideas review team. It’ll have fierce competition alongside SzegoBalint16’s LEGO Emergency Box and twelve other 10-K submissions in the Third LEGO Ideas 2021 Review Stage.

Blogging the Logging! LEGO Komatsu

LegoMathijs is posting splendid additions to his Komatsu Forest Layout. What really draws my attention to these creations are his eye for detail. These models are created with such accuracy that they make you almost assume their creator is a logger (which I don’t know one way or another.) But even as you look at the whole scene, one realizes that they’re really looking at three separate mocs, each one worthy of note.


The trucks simplicity truly brings a realism to the display. No detail is overbearing, and as a whole; it completes a highly iconic vehicle.

And if that weren’t all, this new section works in harmony with an initial build that was created last year.

And even if your interests aren’t specialized to logging machinery, LegoMathijs over the years has built a range of awesome vehicles. A photostream definitely worth rummaging through!

Age Of Ultron MOC : Yes or No?

So,  Jay is off with TotalToysTV, Stephen is off doing his Arcade and  Tatooine MOCs, and I’m here running the articles on the site. I kinda feel the need to get off my butt and go do something for The Brick Show that  doesn’t involve just sitting at my desk with my laptop…I know! I’ll do a MOC! But what of, Stephen’s already doing a Star Wars and City one…Aha! Avengers : Age of Ultron is coming out soon and everyone is raving about it already ; looks like I’ve got a project!

Somethin’ Like this, but more buildings and less randomness…

Well, I have an idea for a project. It all depends if you guys want an Age of Ultron build. It will likely be of the (assumed) final battle scene, in which hundreds of Ultron Sentries come pouring in their masses towards the nine – the first six plus the twins and Vision. We get a glimpse of the battle in the 3rd trailer, around 1:45 on-wards. It would probably be 2 large grey base-plates too. But, would all you fine folks want this build  to happen?

A poll should be going up soon, so that you guys can vote on whether or not  you wanna see an Age of Ultron MOC appear on the site (and possibly the YouTube channel, although unlikely). For now, comment on this article if you want to see this build! Remember, it is not being done by Jason or Stephen, but me instead. I’ll be doing regular updates on it too if it ends up happening!