This Custom LEGO KFC Chicken Vending Machine Will Leave You Wanting For More

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The LEGO KFC Chicken Vending Machine by Astonishing Studios

When you thought you’ve seen it all, Astonishing Studios, the guys responsible for the crazy and wacky LEGO McNugget and Cherrios vending machines, came up with another contraption that will surely leave you finger-lickin’ and craving for more. Yes, it’s no mistake and as you might have known already, their LEGO builds are not just for show. Combining creative design concepts and top-notch programming, serving and having your share of your favorite Colonel Sanders chicken is both tasty and entertaining.

As working models that actually dispense goods for the price of a dime or any other coin in particular, the cute and visually appealing outside façade hides a rather complex series of robotic mechanisms build around the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system. Needless to say, the entire vending machine is 100% all LEGO.

We hope to see more of Astonishing Studios’ LEGO vending machine concepts in the future, especially that their brand is getting more and more attention. In addition to their KFC, McNuggets, and Doritos vending machine, there’s also a Colgate toothpaste dispenser and a Hershey’s chocolate milk mixer. They even have a toothpaste dispenser specifically designed for the Foreo Issa tootbrush, which also houses a special compartment for the brush itself.

As it turns out, these companies are now actually paying to get these machines up and running because they are what they are – crazy, funny, and absolutely cool LEGO builds. We know for sure that our hopes will not be disappointed, that other brand names are now cooking up some deals with the enigmatic YouTuber. Whoever is behind Astonishing Studios, we’re pretty sure that they are on their way in becoming one of the best company to work for in the near future.

For now, let’s have a feast with their video of the KFC Vending Machine. Pass the gravy please…

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