Is This Custom LEGO Mechatrobot the Future of Transportation?

Custom LEGO Mechatrobot

LEGO Master Builder Moko offers another creative brick rendition in this impressive custom LEGO Mechatrobot.

Billed as the “world’s smallest Mechatrobot for children”, the Mechatro WeGo is Japan’s take on the future of children’s school commute. Playfully conceived by Sentinel Co. Ltd. as the ‘ideal’ mode of transportation in extremely mountainous areas and a new way of engaging in various recreational purposes, all of these may sound pretty cool more so if they can be actually real.

We don’t know much about this mechanical wonder – where it came from, or what is its ultimate purpose. But one thing is for sure: it caught the attention of our mecha-genius LEGO designer Moko. We featured his transforming LEGO brick a couple of days ago, and now another robotic creation sprung into life from his workshop – the aptly named custom LEGO Mechatrobot.

This Custom LEGO Mechatrobot is the Future of Brick Transportation

Custom LEGO Mechatrobot

Moko’s custom LEGO Mechatrobot is a brick rendition of the fictional Mechatro WeGo. The build seems to be unassuming at first, but not until you start peeling away the layers of this build will you see the depth of Moko’s inventiveness.

Custom LEGO Mechatrobot Custom LEGO Mechatrobot lego mechatrobot 3 Custom LEGO Mechatrobot

Like his transforming LEGO brick, Moko’s custom LEGO Mechatrobot is similarly articulated and capable of various poses and gestures.

lego mechatrobot 4lego mechatrobot 8

You may follow Moko through his blog and same as before, it will be very, very helpful to hit Translate in Google Chrome’s address bar. In case you are still a bit confused about this wonderful piece of Japanese pop culture, RocketPunchArmy has a pretty neat product review on the actual Mechatro WeGo toy. Check this video, and let me know what you think about Moko’s custom LEGO Mechatrobot


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