These Custom LEGO Easter Eggs Are Such a Great Find

Custom LEGO Easter Eggs

This year’s Easter Sunday may have already passed, but the great Easter Egg hunt is really hard to let go of. True to its purpose of giving delightful surprises, these custom LEGO easter eggs by Dutch builder Koen (aka Swan Dutchman) is more than just a pretty sight (and they ARE really beautiful).

With themes such as Spring, Love, and Ice, these extravagantly adorned custom LEGO easter eggs can easily pass for a LEGO jewelry collection. Koen delights his audience through his aesthetic and technical expertise with clever use of unassuming parts and sparkling metallic effects. As you can see, the delightful surprise doesn’t end with the exquisitely beautiful exterior. Koen does keep the best things for last.

Custom LEGO Easter Eggs

Koen’s impeccable attention to detail really shows in his creations. Just take a look at his official LEGO Ideas entry – the Gingerbread House – included in the next LEGO Ideas Review Stage. If you wish to see the rest of Koen’s creations, just head over to his Flickr page and leave a thank you note. Who knows, you might see one of these Easter surprises in your front yard.

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