Two weeks ago we featured one of the best LEGO BB-8 project that we have seen so far that was submitted to LEGO Ideas. In just less than a month, the rolling LEGO BB-8 designed by Mark Smiley has already gained the support of 8k LEGO Ideas members.

A few days ago, Mark and his team gave a long awaited update on the latest features and design elements that they added to this awesomely cute astromech. Watch their video below.

According to Mark, one noticeable update was the total number of pieces that they used. Originally at 180 pieces, the current total count is now at 244, with 111 pieces devoted for the BB-8 unit and 133 for the Desert Base Station. They also revamped BB-8’s internal parts, modifying some of the weight arrangement. If you noticed in the video, BB-8’s head seems to be more stable during movement with the tilt being lessened significantly.

Here’s the rest of Mark’s update on their rolling LEGO BB-8.

The new features and design elements are:

BB-8 (111 Pieces):

  • BB-8’s insides have been revamped with new colors, tweaks to the weight arrangement, and control panels and “lights” to give a more robotic appearance.
  • BB-8 now has a slot to carry a data drive, which may or may not contain a map to the location of a famed Jedi. Tiny levers are used to keep the data drive in its slot during play.

 Desert Base Station (133 Pieces):

  • The wheels in the rolling pad are now smoother and are geared together which gives much better traction. 
  • The storage bin is larger, has a slide over pop up top, and is in an easier to get to location (used to be between the wheels).

And to add to the fun, the desert creature that can be seen in the movie as BB-8 is fleeing in the first part of the movie now lives in the base with its eerie red eyes.  The creature pops up from under the sand by turning a lever


Mark is still working on how to lower BB-8’s head so it sits closer to the body, a pair of antennas, and the possibility of giving him omni-directional movement.

We are sure excited to see how these planned modifications will work out. Check out Mark’s rolling BB-8 over at LEGO Ideas.


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