First Look on Some of LEGO’s 2016 Daily Mail Promotional Giveaways

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If you’re from the UK, then probably you’re looking forward to this. Running since 2013, the Daily Mail newspaper LEGO promotional has been giving away free LEGO polybags alongside other mainstream newspapers in the region such as The Daily Mirror and The Sun. For the past three years, we’ve seen a handful of these exclusive goodie bags, with some receiving good feedback and some even landing on eBay for the benefit of those who are living outside of UK who wish to have one of them. Here are some of Daily Mail’s LEGO promotional sets from the past years.

daily mail june 2013 daily mail august 2013

daily-mail-lego-september-2014-2 daily mail May 2014


Last February, there were some speculations over certain forums on what could be the next sets of LEGO promotional slated for this year. This list was predicted by a certain richardk from the Brickset Forum:

  • LEGO Starwars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle 30279
  • LEGO City Mini Dumper 30348
  • LEGO DC Comics Superheroes The Batmobile 30446
  • LEGO Nexo Knights Knight’s Cycle 30371
  • LEGO Starwars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter 30278
  • LEGO Friends Cupcake Stall 30396
  • LEGO City Sports Car 30349
  • LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Cosmic Boy 30604
  • LEGO Ninjago Skybound Plane 30421

Much has been said throughout the three months that passed, and this time the team behind Bricks Fans recently reported that for the month of May, the mid-year LEGO Daily Mail promotional is back with two LEGO freebies to as its giveaways.

30346 poly 30346 3037130371 poly

They didn’t go into the details of mentioning their sources, but it’s interesting to note that among the 9 LEGO promotional sets that richardk predicted, 30371 hits the spot. We just have to wait for more info as they come and see if these sets can be confirmed.





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