Our First Look on LEGO Mixels Series 9 Official Images


We had our first look of this year’s quirky and zany bunch of LEGO Mixels during the New York Toy Fair last February. You can find our video coverage on these sets below. This time around, the team behind the Mixels Wiki page somehow managed to get a copy of high-res photos of the latest tribes in the LEGO Mixel world. Here’s our first look on the official, hi-res images of the LEGO Mixels Series 9 featuring new builds from the Trashoz, Nindjas, and Newzers Tribes. Thanks to Brickset for the heads-up.

LEGO Mixels Series 9


Trashoz Tribe (41572, 41573, 41574)

Gobbol 41572



Sweepz (41573)



Compax (41574)



Nindjas Tribe(41575, 41576, 41577)

Cobrax (41575)



Spinza (41576)



Mysto (41577)



Newzers Tribe (41578, 41579, 41580)

Screeno (41578)



Camsta (41579)


Myke (41580)



The said images were discovered via LEGO’s online cache, according to some forum members, though they didn’t go into details of explaining how they were able to actually do it. LEGO Mixels Series 9 is due for release sometime in October. What can you about these latest Mixels? Do you have a personal favorite among these?

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