Here’s Our First Look on LEGO Ninjago Summer 2016 Official Images


We now have our official images of LEGO Ninjago’s latest sets thanks to Amazon UK. We had a first look on these sets during the New York City Toy Fair. We’re still on the lookout for official images of Titanium Ninja Tumbler (70588), Airjutzu Battlegrounds (70590) and Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596).


LEGO Ninjago Rock Roader (70589) Pieces: 406; SRP: $39.99; No. of Minifigs: 4

70589_front 70589_back 70589

LEGO Ninjago  Kryptarium Prison Breakout (70591) Pieces: 207; SRP: $19.99; No. of Minifigs: 5

70591_front 70591_back 70591


LEGO Ninjago  Salvage M.E.C. (70592) Pieces: 439; SRP: $39.99; No. of Minifigs: 4

70592_front 70592_back70592


LEGO Ninjago  The Green NRG Dragon (70593) Pieces: 567; SRP: $49.99; No. of Minifigs: 5

70593_front 70593_back 70593


LEGO Ninjago The Lighthoutse Siege (70594) Pieces: 767; SRP: $69.99; No. of Minifigs: 8

70594_front 70594_back 70594


LEGO Ninjago  Ultra Stealth Raider (70595) Pieces: 1093; SRP: $199.99; No. of Minifigs: 7

70595_front 70595_back 70595


Aside from LEGO Ninjago, Amazon UK has also listed several official images for the latest 2016 Elves, Friends, and Marvel and DC Superheroes themed sets. We’ll feature the rest of these later, so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!


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