Latest LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Exclusive to CinemaCon 2016 Reveals the Origin of Robin


Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly reported a very interesting plot twist in the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie during this year’s CinemaCon at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Hot from the heels of LEGO Batman’s second movie teaser, Warner Bros Animation Group (WAG) has prepared another teaser that sheds light to the origins of Batman’s unsung sidekick. Will Arnett himself – the voice behind LEGO’s Batman – took it on stage together with producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord as they revealed an exclusive teaser that further shed light on the Caped Crusader’s life, and one particular character with the most unlikely connection to the lonesome hero. All told of course, through LEGO’s cinematic brand of humor.

In the teaser footage, Alfred commented on Batman’s lack of attention on what is important at this stage of his life. “You need to take responsibility for your life,” the butler says. “And it starts by raising your son.”

I can just imagine a lot of gaping mouths and raised eyebrows right now…

Batman look

Anyways, moving on a little bit, it was later revealed that Bruce Wayne accidentally adopted a little ‘nerdy kid’ named Dick Grayson at a gala event that he attended. Dick Grayson (voiced by Michael Cera) immediately geeks out upon seeing the Batcave and Batman’s various gadgets. It didn’t take long before he finally convinced Batman to let him join in his crime-busting escapades.

lego batman movie costumes

Like any sidekick, Dick wished to have a costume and identity of his own. He frantically donned every Bat costume that he can grab his hands on from Batman’s suit collection: a “Night Terror”, a “Festive Bat” suit, a “Winged Avenger” suite and dozens of other LEGO Bat-costumes that every LEGO Batman minifigure fan would love to have.

When Dick Grayson finally stepped in front of an all-too-familiar red and green suit with a big letter R on the chest, Batman comments, “It’s called the Reggae Man from a Jamaica caper.” Dick tried it on but later decided to rip the pants off complaining that it was a little tight, leaving only his green undies underneath.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 007 76052_Batcave Robin and Batman


So ladies and gentleman, we give you the Boy Wonder! Well, at least that is how LEGO Batman Movie puts it. The pics above were from the LEGO Classic TV Series Batcave (76052) –the closest that we can think of how Robin will look like in the film. We hope to see the teaser anytime soon as it makes its way on YouTube. So be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more of LEGO Batman Movie updates.

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