Are We Going to Have a LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle Anytime Soon?


That’s what folks over at the Eurobricks forum were frenzied about when reliable source CM4Sci dropped the bomb with his announcement of a new direct-to-consumer offering: the LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040. CM4Sci seems to be very confident about his source, with some forum members reflecting on the possibility that the LEGO Disney CMF 71012 is just a prelude to the said D2C, following the footsteps of the Simpsons minifigures first released in 2014.

CM4Sci didn’t say much except the assurance that the said LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040 will not have minidolls but standard minifigures. A Goofy or Pluto minifigure, a Tinkerbell minifig plus Cinderella herself will be a great addition to this set to compliment the LEGO Disney CMF. There has been a debate regarding what particular Disney castle will be rendered in brick form – whether it’s the actual Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World or the one from the classic 1950 Disney animated film Cinderella. However, given that 71040 is rumored to be released sometime in September, a month before the 45th Anniversary of Disney World’s opening, it is most likely that it might take its cue from the castle at Walt Disney World.

Cinderella Castle


Minifigure Price Guide offered their take on the possible number of pieces and pricing for LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040 including a rough mock-up of how it may look like.

71040 Disneyland Cinderlla’s Castle – I am expecting (guess) 1800-2500 pieces and some (probabaly 5-6) of the following minifigures.  Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Tinker Bell and Cinderella.  We are also hearing standard minifigures with this set and not mini dolls like in the Friends sets. I am also expecting a US $199 – $299 price.  I think that they will want to keep this cheap enough to sell in the parks.


There’s still a lot that we don’t know about this set, but we are sure excited about this. How about you? How do you feel about a LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

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