Take A Look At This Neat Infographic ‘Feel Guide’ for LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigure (71012)

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We’re just a couple of days away from the much awaited release of LEGO Disney’s CMF 71012. With some fortunate souls able to grab their polybags early on at their local Target stores, the Brick Fan was kind enough to come up with this neat infographic ‘feel guide’ to help you feel your way through each of the blind bags. We mentioned before that that the Disney CMF’s box distribution allows you a 3 to 4 probability of getting the minifig that you want – with the equally annoying result of getting 2 to 3 duplicates at the same time. The only big question is: what are the things that you need to consider while feeling your way through those 60 or so blind bags?

Take a look at this guide.


Overall, LEGO Disney’s Collectible Minifigures may look like easy to feel in theory, but for some minifig fans and veteran collectors, 71012’s pieces are the most difficult to feel inside their blind bags. This video of YouTuber Coconuthead Productions might as well provide additional help in landing the LEGO Disney minifigs that you’ve always wanted.

We hope these tips will help you out once the Disney LEGO minifigures officially arrives on May 1.


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