UPDATE: LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League Gotham City Breakout Now Available for Pre-order

gotham city break out still

Last month, we hinted on the possible release date of LEGO’s next DC Comics Super Heroes direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray feature animation, Justice League Gotham City Breakout. Here’s some good news for those who are waiting for this release. Amazon has already listed the said film for pre-order, retailing at $24.98 which will be released on June 21. This was quite close to our prediction before which is a week earlier than June 27. What most of us know already is that this LEGO DVD/Blu-ray feature comes with the exclusive Blue Nightwing minifigure. For some, this is the selling point of Gotham City Breakout, and the reason why most fans would like to get a copy of the film.

Gotham City Breakout Front Gotham City Breakout

For our friends in Europe, Amazon UK has also listed Gotham City Breakout for pre-order which will be released on a much later date of July 4. Here’s the movie’s synopsis as posted by Amazon, followed by the official movie trailer.


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack)

Batman faces his greatest challenge yet: VACATION! The caped crusader reluctantly agrees to let Batgirl and Nightwing take him on a long overdue vacation from crimefighting, while Superman and the Justice League watch over Gotham City. Neither operation goes as planned when Batman’s vacation is cut short by dangers from his past and invaders from the center of the earth, and Superman and the other Leaguers quickly realize just how much Batman usually has his hands full with the villains of Gotham.

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