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A couple of days ago, Portal Characters reported an interesting  discovery on the toys-to-life scene that could lead to the possible inclusion of two DC Superhero characters namely Supergirl and Green Arrow in the roster of LEGO Dimensions characters. Based on the report, an unknown hacker was able to crack into the game’s system and discovered some pretty interesting finds. By gaining access to LEGO Dimensions’ specific codes, he was able to unlock the minifigure characters of Supergirl and Green Arrow, which led to speculations ranging from a discontinued LEGO Dimensions character set, or on a very clever take on how to modify the LEGO Dimension’s core game.



In either case, the last piece of evidence that seems to validate these claims was found in LEGO’s very own Replacement Parts service. As it turns out, specific minifig parts of Supergirl are made available on the site if you type in 71170 – the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack code for Playstation 3. The following are the minifigure parts that were thought to belong to Supergirl. The prints on these parts are pretty much obvious.

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Now another piece of ‘evidence’ surfaced on the internet via Bricks to Life, and this time, an actual gameplay video involving Supergirl and Green Arrow can be seen which further strengthen the notion of another Wave coming anytime soon. The YouTube video was uploaded by a certain Lego Vid just two days ago.  Watch the video below:

As seen on the video (around 1:24 mark), Supergirl is capable of firing off a destructive laser eye blast, coupled with a powerful dash that mows down baddies and other structures. Green Arrow on the other hand can fire his arrows in rapid succession and even has a special triple arrow attack which can hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-10.38.44-AM-1024x590 Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-10.39.49-AM-1024x669

Hot from the reveal of his first video, Lego Vid posted another one just yesterday, which shows a rather interesting ability that Supergirl has. Watch this:

UPDATE (April 7, 2016): Due to an alleged copyright infringement complaint from Warner Bros. Entertainment, YouTube has decided to remove the video below as of yesterday. We’ll leave you to speculate on the reasons behind this move from Warner Bros.

The video shows Supergirl in her Red Lantern rendition, together with LEGO Ninjago’s Lloyd and other characters from the first video. There were no other details given in the video other than the fact that Supergirl’s gameplay is very much the same as that of Superman, while Green Arrow have similar abilities as that of Legolas.

supergirl red lantern

So far, these series of revelations may actually point out that LEGO could have actually considered the inclusion of these superheroes in the roster of LEGO Dimension characters. We just have to wait and see if LEGO will surprise with another ‘Surprise Wave’ in the works, or even perhaps a prelude to a Series 2 in the near future.


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