We reported last February that LEGO will be giving away an exclusive Classic Batman Mr. Freeze (30603) promotional polybag beginning April 1 for every single purchase and transaction worth $75 and more thru LEGO.com and all LEGO Stores. True to their word, Mr. Freeze is now up for grabs until April 15 or until supply last. As of this writing, the Classic Batman Mr. Freeze is still available via LEGO.com. Take note that this is a promotional exclusive and that LEGO has not listed the Mr. Freeze minifigure for separate purchase.

Mr. Freeze 2




Mr. Freeze 1


If you’re eyeing for this exclusive offer to add to your classic Caped Crusader collection like the Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave, now is the best time to do so, together with some of the best deals that LEGO has to offer this month.

April Lego Store April Lego Store 2

April 1 – we’ll see the debut of new LEGO sets based on the Angry Birds Movie, together with LEGO Juniors Lost Temple (10725), LEGO DC Comics Superheroes: Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase (76053), LEGO Elves: The Water Dragon (41172), and LEGO Minecraft: The End Portal (21124).

LEGO_10725_box1_in_1488 LEGO Batman Chase LEGO Elves LEGO Minecraft

April 5 to 6 – The Monthly Mini Model Build features a Bumblebee.

02 April-2016-LEGO-Monthly-Mini-Build-1024x918

April 11 to15 – The LEGO Ideas Maze Competition every 5pm onwards. Brick fans will get a firsthand look on LEGO’s new Ideas- based product (21305)

lego maze competition


April 18 – Minifigure Swap Monday on all LEGO Stores.


April 25 to May 8 – LEGO Elves: Sira’s Adventurous Glider goes for FREE with a Friends, Elves, or LEGO Brand Disney Princess purchase of $35 or more.


Remember, the Classic Mr. Freeze minifigure polybag is only available until April 15 and as long as supplies last. We hope that LEGO has plenty to go around since for sure, this is one minifigure that is too cool to ignore.

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