Bricks Magazine Releases First Ever Brickset Digest Magazine For Free


Last April, Bricks Magazine paid it forward to the LEGO fan community by giving away a free digital copy of their Disney Collectible Minifigure Guide prior to the CMF’s release last May 1. For this month, they’ve teamed up with to give away a collection of their “most glorious” content for the past two months, all neatly bundled up in a visually appealing digital magazine. Entitled as Brickset Digest, it highlights some of the best featured articles written by Brickset’s contributing writers and editorial staff under the helm of Huw Millington.


If you already subscribed to last month’s free e-magazine, simply log-in to you republic66media account to get access to the free Brickset Digest. Creating your account is relatively easy – just provide the usual basic details and a valid email address via the registration page. Once your email has been verified, you can now have access to the latest free digital magazines of Bricks Magazine plus a handful of free samples and teasers from previous back issues. As an alternative, you may also download the mobile app of Bricks and Bricks Culture digital magazines to bring your subscriptions with you wherever you go. The Bricks and Bricks Culture app is now available for download both at the Apple App Store and Google Play. Here’s a look at some of the things that you may find in Brickset Digest’s 96-page issue, followed by’s press release.









Brickset Digest is a new free publication which re-lives the Brickset highlights from the last two months as selected by the captain of the ship, Huw Millington. Huw takes us through the articles that you engaged with most and in doing so makes sure that none of us miss any of the thorough and unique content that Brickset has to offer. Huw then hands his suggestions over to the Bricks magazine team who transform them from web hits to page turners and give them to you for free via our app.

Our April – May 2016 Edition is packed full of tips, reviews and ponderings. FlagsNZ gives us a tutorial all the way from New Zealand on how to create a cheap yet surprisingly effective light-box so that you can always have something on hand to help shoot your masterpieces. Then Huw Millington leads a discussion on the fadeout of moulded baseplates and also celebrates’s 20th birthday by taking a trip down memory lane and looking at how the site has developed over the years. CapnRex101 also contributes to the issue with a look at what sets LEGO have missed out from Star Wars Episode One and Two. Brickset Digest also takes a look at 76052 Batcave where LostInTranslation gives us a whopping two part review to tell us everything we need to know about the set and why we should, or shouldn’t, part with our hard earned cash.

With all this and more we hope that Brickset Digest gives you a chance to catch up on any articles you may have missed or re-read the best articles in a beautiful new format. Enjoy the best of Brickset with this new exclusive publication.



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