Can This Be The Largest, Most Expensive, LEGO Auction Ever?


Minifigure Price Guide recently pointed us to a very interesting oddity in this side of LEGO collectors’ world. Belgian auction site 2ememain posted what could probably turn out to be the largest, and most expensive LEGO sets and items ever auctioned. Similar to eBay, 2ememain is Belgium’s biggest and most popular online market with more than 6.4 million monthly unique visitors and more than 4 million listings.

Listed by a certain Karto believed to be based in Hannut, Belgium his post has been viewed more than 18,000 times in just less than 24 hours. What makes Karto’s offer mind-blowing is the fact that his reported collection consists of more than 2,000 sets which he claims to have acquired from 1978 until 2014.

For some reason, he decided it’s time to kick the bucket on his collecting activities. Weighing almost a ton, he now puts his rare LEGO sets for auction at an unbelievable price of 80,000 Euros or almost $90,000 USD. As of this writing, four bids have already been placed, with the highest offer at 82,500 Euros. Karto didn’t hold back in cataloguing his prized collection, saying that he managed to snap 12,000 pictures worth of documentation which has a combined file size of more than 16GB.  All in all, it took him 120 large boxes just to pack-up his LEGO sets and he even rented a truck just to haul all of them when he transferred his place of residency.

Based on a rough Google translation, the following are the highlights of his collection.

  • 208 train models (122 in original box) 
  • 1063 models of the city (800 in original box) 
  • 310 sets figurines (263 in packages) 
  • 47 models of pirates (26 in the original box) 
  • 7 sets Classic Castle (all in original box) 
  • 30 sets Classic Space (all in original box) 
  • 29 Star Wars sets (24 box original) 
  • More or less 1,400 original boxes / packaging – 827 new boxes – 126 new boxes from before 2000 Others
  • More or less 3,250 figurines – the first 10 sets of miniatures, complete with bags, flyers and box original 60 sachets (polybags)
  • More or less 550 bases plates, half street 
  • 161 wagons and locomotives – All 9V trains, all trains RC (radio controlled), all trains PF (Power Functions) and some 12V / 4.5V . Many duplicate models. – 1367 rails (± 170m) of which 400 9V, 250 12V, 600 RC and 54 monorails. 
  • All official sets of the City products between 1978 and 2014 – Legoland, System, World City and City – are present (except models ‘junior’ end of ’90). – the majority of promotional models of the city between 1978 and 2014 
  • Many old and new boxes sealed LEGOLAND / SYSTEM such as 4561 (9V), 7823 (12V), 7824 (12V), 7835 (12V), 7839 (12V), 7866 (12V), 730, 6349, 6543, 6378, 6385, 6386, etc. 
  • Several models LEGO Dacta – All models 171 official City (2005-2014) are new except for small boxes 5 – 9 the first houses of style ‘CC’, including 10182 Café Corner and 10190 Market Street. They have been mounted once and have their boxes and manuals. All other boxes are still closed. 
  • Many new sets and set the value 10000, such as: 10041, 10152, 10155, 10173, 10177, 10183, 10184, 10185, 10194, 10197, 10199, 10200, 10210, 10211 , 10213, 10216, 10218, 10219, 10220, 10221, 10222, 10224, 10229, 10230, 10231, 10232, 10233, 10235, 10243, 10244, 10245 
  • Over 400 special sets’: promotional, limited editions and exclusives – weight sets: 800kg, Unit weight: beyond 1 ton 
  • Many advertising, brochures, catalogs, flags, displays and promotional materials (including a giant figure.) 
  • Several original LEGO furniture 
  • Many sets are present several times (eg 63x car of 6506 police)
  • Full sorted individual pieces, additional figures, reserve building plans as well as original boxes and much more.

Here are some photos that Karto posted on

293405293-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_1-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_2-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_3-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_4-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_5-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles 293405293_7-lego-collection-1978-2014-2000-modeles


So what do you think about this find? Can this be the largest LEGO collection ever to be auctioned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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