Hop Into Donald Duck’s Classy LEGO Mini Car 313

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Since the release of LEGO’s Disney Collectible Minifigures, LEGO fans around the world never seem to run out of great ideas on how to proudly display their favorite Disney character rendered in minifig form. We saw how Moko paid tribute to the world’s most famous mouse with his Mecha Mickey Robo a couple of days ago, and it was really awesome. Disney’s magic and appeal seems to be universal.

This time, hailing from a land where Donald Duck is affectionately called as ‘Kalle Anka’, Swedish web developer, illustrator and AFOL Johan Alexanderson couldn’t wait for LEGO to come up with sets centered on his favorite minifigure. Instead, he came up with his own build showing Donald’s refined automotive taste. Johan’s Donald Duck Minicar is so promising that it eventually landed a place to become a LEGO Ideas entry.


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Inspired by the popular American Bantam 1938 classic car, Johan opted for the timeless appeal of the Belchfire Runabout, complete with a customized plate number that reflects Donald’s birthday which is March 13.

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Here’s how Johan  describes his Donald Duck Mini Car 313:

Since we now have Disney’s Donald Duck, wouldn’t it be great with a set of his car, also called “the 313”? This model is 6 studs wide so it fits great in a LEGO city.

The car made its first appearance in the movie “Don Donald” from 1937, and in 1938 was introduced in the newspaper comics by Al Taliaferro. The design is originally based on the “American Bantam 1938” car, but has changed slightly over the years and varies from different cartoonists. 

Its name “The 313” comes from the license plate that has the number 313, which also is by the way the day when Donald Duck was born (13th of March).

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It’s impressive how Johan was able to fit all this classy goodness in a build that is just 6 studs wide – something that LEGO can easily do especially that they already have the similar Mighty Micros line. If you find his work promising, just head over at his LEGO Ideas project page and show your support by voting for his MOC. We wish Johan all the best in hitting that 10K mark!

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