LEGO Creator – What’s Still Missing in 2016?

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This is the third in the series of updates that we want to share with you regarding what’s still missing from LEGO’s 2016 themed sets. These sets are already listed in several databases based on reports that have been making rounds recently within the LEGO community. LEGO, however, has not yet released the official images of these sets. We kicked off with what’s missing starting with some LEGO Marvel and DC Comics sets that we are expecting to be released before or after the last quarter of this year, and with some from the LEGO Friends theme.

This time, let’s take a quick look at some of the sets from the LEGO Creator line-up that is slated to arrive this year, particularly those from the Creator Expert series. Since its debut in March 2013, with the Palace Cinema 10232 being the first to have the LEGO Creative Expert branding, the line-up already has 14 sets, with most of it received quite well by experienced AFOLs and TFOLs. For this year, we first have our LEGO Creator Expert set with the Brick Bank 10251, and as it seems, there are three more sets that are slated to be out of the works before the end of this year. Several sources, both local and abroad, have reported on these LEGO shop @ home exclusives with several databases already updated. Discussion about these sets first appeared in Eurobricks, where forum member CM4Sci specifically mentioned 10252, 10253, and 10254 as an exclusive direct to consumer or D2C sets scheduled to be released this year, the first being the Brick Bank 10251.

Just a disclaimer: the image above is NOT the official image of these sets. It’s just my playful re-imagining of previous LEGO sets. These remaining LEGO Creator sets due to be released this year are:


LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252

No. of Pieces: ???; SRP: $99.99 ; Minifigures: ???

The Volkswagen Beetle 10252 is rumored to be released in August, with a pre-sale for LEGO VIPs in July for $100, according to CM4Sci. Reactions are varied within the community regarding 10252, the most obvious was the thought that it might not be too far away from the Volkswagen Beetle 10187 of 2008. However, some sources claim that the newer Beetle 10252 will have a smoother build, probably featuring a stud less design in contrast to that of 10187.



LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253

No. of Pieces: ???; SRP: $349.99; Minifigures: ???

It was also mentioned in one of the forums that the LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253 was seen listed in a retailer price list, showing under “Creator Expert Big Ben” with an October release date and SRP of $349.99. Forum member just2good claims to have seen 10253 already (not sure if it is an actual build or an image that he saw), describing it as:

  • Made largely of tan pieces and elements.
  • There’s part of the palace connecting to the tower.
  • Microfigures (board game figures) were used as the detailing for some of the walls.
  • The clock face for Big Ben 10253 is made of a radar dish which is flipped around.
  • It has the following dimensions: 19 cm / 7.4 in. wide; 60 cm / 23.6 in. high

In a nutshell, J2G claims that 10253’s build is very much similar to that of Big Ben as seen in Legoland Windsor Resort. Though an October release date is a little bit far off, there are some who believes that an earlier release date maybe set on July.


LEGO Creator Winter Train 10254

No. of Pieces: ???; SRP: ???; Minifigures: ???

Details are quite few regarding the build of the Winter Train 10254, except from a share over at Brickset forums:

Normally I wouldn’t give away Exclusive details, but I believe the train community deserves some good news for a change.

It’s all but confirmed that there will be a Christmas train in Q4. It features lots and lots of presents/gifts and some minifigures. From what I could tell it’s not a re-release of the ‘previous’ Christmas train, but that’s all I know for now.

Please take this with a grain of salt, as plans can (and do) easily change throughout the year.”

Given this info, some speculated that 10254 will look somewhat similar to that of Constitution Train Chase 79111 from the Lone Ranger theme, mashed up with Holiday Train 10173 from 2006.

79111_alt2 10173-0000-XX-13-1

As exciting as these new sets may be, we need to grab the salt shaker and take these things with a pinch of salt. Though these sets may appeal more to the AFOL community, those who are looking for a fun and challenging build will find these upcoming LEGO Creator Expert sets worth every penny. Stay tuned for our next update where we’ll look closer into what’s still missing in 2016 under LEGO Disney Princess, Nexo Knights, and Ninjago. Hit that comment button and feel free to share your thoughts about this. For the mean time, check out these official LEGO Creator Expert set images that we recently added to our database.


Palace Cinema (10232)

No. of Pieces: 2196; SRP: $149.99; Minifigures: 6

10232_box 10232


Horizon Express (10233)

No. of Pieces: 1351; SRP: $129.99; Minifigures: 6

10233_box 10233


Sydney Opera House (10234)

No. of Pieces: 2989; SRP: $319.99; Minifigures: None

10234_box 10234


Winter Village Market (10235)

No. of Pieces: 1261; SRP: $99.99; Minifigures: 9

10235_box 10235


Maersk Line Triple-E (10241)

No. of Pieces: 1518; SRP: $149.99; Minifigures: None

10241_box 10241


Mini Cooper MK VII (10242)

No. of Pieces: 1077; SRP: $99.99; Minifigures: None

10242_front      10242_back 10242


Parisian Restaurant (10243)

No. of Pieces: 2469; SRP: $159.99; Minifigures: 5

10243_front      10243_back 10243


Fairground Mixer (10244)

No. of Pieces: 1746; SRP: $149.99; Minifigures: 12

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S      Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S 10244


Santa’s Workshop (10245)

No. of Pieces: 883; SRP: $69.99; Minifigures: 6

10245_box 10245


Detective’s Office (10246)

No. of Pieces: 2262; SRP: $159.99; Minifigures: 6


10246_back 10246

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