LEGO Nexo Knights The Black Knight Mech 70326 Revealed!


Hot on the heels of his recent reveals with the LEGO Star Wars Rebel Combat Frigate 75158 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Tanker Truck Takedown 76067, Jacob_9821 from Eurobricks revealed another set that we are eagerly waiting for since this cap off what we know so far with LEGO’s summer releases under the Nexo Knights line. Here are the official images of LEGO Nexo Knights The Black Knight Mech 70326.



Those of you who are familiar with 70327 The King’s Mech may have noticed some similarities with that set to the Black Knight Mech, virtually having the same pieces but with a different color scheme and noticeably sleeker design. I like how the sword and shield complement the pieces in this set. The Black Knight Mech made its first appearance during the first season of the Nexo Knights TV series on Cartoon Network, piloted by the young Robin Underwood.

black knight mech black knight mech 2

It comes in 530 pieces and includes several minifigures: Robin with a new armor, a Squirebot, Ash Attacker and Whiparella which comes exclusive with this set, complete with her Whips of Fear. This is a sure take for those who are into collecting Nexo Knights minifigures.


No pricing has been mentioned yet, but BZ Power reported during their visit in the New York Toy Fair earlier this year mentioned that the Black Knight 70326 costs $39.99 USD and is slated to be released in August. Again, 70326 was not revealed during the New York Toy Fair so chances are this is another retailer exclusive. We don’t have any information yet on what store this will be exclusive to, so we’ll be on the lookout as more updates come in.

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Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.


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