Take a Look At The Official Images of LEGO Friends Heartlake Performance School 41134 and Heartlake Party Shop 41132

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A couple of weeks back, we featured some of the LEGO Friends set that we are still waiting to be released, and one of them is the Heartlake Performance School 41134. Though the inclusion of this set as a summer release has been discussed extensively, we still yet to see its official images. We had a glimpse of 41134 when Rebrick launched its ongoing Celebrate the Best of Friends contest, and included Heartlake Performance School as one of the four LEGO Friends sets to be given away to those who will make it to the semi finals, along with Heartlake Super Market 41118Adventure Park Hotdog Van 41129, and 41122 Adventure Camp Tree. The image was quite small actually, and it’s kind of difficult to see any details beyond the set’s name and piece count.

This time around and still hot off the heels of just2good’s reveal of LEGO’s summer releases via LEGO’s online cache, we finally have our official images for Heartlake Performance School 41134 together with another LEGO Friends set, Heartlake Party Shop 41132.


LEGO Friends Heartlake Party Shop 41132

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LEGO Friends Heartlake Performance School 41134


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Thanks to The Brick Fan for the tip.

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