Take A Look At This Stunning Recreation of LEGO Bionicle Companions PLUS Hi-Res Images of LEGO Bionicle Quake Beast 71315

Elemental Creatures_03

Earlier this year, LEGO introduced a new set of companions or elemental creatures to aid the Toa in their search for the Mask of Control. Containing raw elemental power that greatly boosts a Toa’s power, these six elemental creatures hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Great Maze. Representing the elements of water, fire, stone, ice, earth, and jungle, these creature-companions combine or ‘unifies’ with the Toa to form a more formidable figure.

This time around, LEGO unveiled another set of creature-companions with its Summer 2016 LEGO Bionicle releases aimed to even the odds by also giving power-ups to the arch nemesis of the Toas. Represented as elemental beasts, these beings exemplify nature’s fiercest and most violent qualities: Lava Beast (71313), Storm Beast (71314), and Quake Beast (71315). Once these creatures fuse with the scheming Umarak the Destroyer (71316), they unleash a greater destructive force known as Umarak the Abomination. The Toa really got their hands full this time, and it’s a race against time for the heroes to locate and recover the Mask of Control.

Perhaps inspired by the turn of events in the LEGO Bionicle world, BZ Power forum members, Tora (LittleTaggy), Tremah, and The Chosen One (Leonid An) collaborated to come up with a reimagining of the Toa’s elemental creatures to give them the upper hand against Umarak. The result is a stunning re-creation of these elemental creatures that we wish LEGO could have thought of. We took the liberty of posting the team’s phenomenal MOCs alongside LEGO’s official sets. Take a look and share us what you think.


LEGO Bionicle Uxar, Creature of Jungle (71300);  Uxar, Creature of Jungle by The Chosen One

71300_alt2Uxar Creature of Jungle


LEGO Bionicle Ketar, Creature of Stone (71301);  Ketar, Creature of Stone by Tora

71301_alt2 Ketar Creature of Stone


LEGO Bionicle Akida, Creature of Water (71302);  Akida, Creature of Water by Tremah

71302_alt2 Akida Creature of Water_02


LEGO Bionicle Ikir, Creature of Fire (71303);  Ikir, Creature of Fire by Tremah

71303_alt2 Ikir Creature of Fire


LEGO Bionicle Terak, Creature of Earth (71304);  Terak, Creature of Earth by The Chosen One

71304_alt2 Terak Creature of Earth


LEGO Bionicle Melum, Creature of Ice (as found in 71311);  Melum, Creature of Ice by Tora

71311_alt2    Melum Creature of Ice_03

In spite of working separately, the team behind these gorgeous builds managed to maintain a cohesive theme that is both impressively ‘organic’ and dynamic. They look more majestic when placed side by side with LEGO’s original set, maintaining the latter’s color scheme which makes it easily recognizable. Though LEGO initially thought of the Bionicle series to have a more ‘bio-mechanical’ (half organic, half robotic – more of robotic actually) look and feel, perhaps it will be nice if they will incorporate more nature-like builds in the future especially that we know how LEGO intends to launch certain reboots leading up until 2017.

In other Bionicle-related news, I happen to stumble once again with Ukrainian webshop Rozetka.ua to discover official set images of LEGO’s last instalment for its summer LEGO Bionicle line. If you recall earlier this month, Rozetka also provided us with several absurdly hi-res photos of LEGO’s Summer 2016 Star Wars and Super Heroes releases. Rozetka certainly likes it big, so here are the official images of LEGO Bionicle Quake Beast 71315, all in its high resolution glory.

71315_01 71315_02 71315_03


The site also has hi-res images of other LEGO Bionicle sets released earlier this year, including those that were revealed during the New York Toy Fair in case you’re interested to look.



Source: BZPower

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