LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Now Available For Pre-Order At WildCardToys.


This year’s E3 literally took our breath away, especially with a cornucopia of new characters and licenses that LEGO introduced  with its LEGO Dimensions Series 2. With now 30 IPs under its umbrella, LEGO Dimensions is indeed bigger and better than before. As announced during last week’s E3, the first wave of Series 2 is expected to hit stores on September 27, with subsequent waves scheduled to be released this November, January and March.

Ahead of its release in September, WildCardToys has just posted the first wave of LEGO Dimension Series 2 for pre-order. Take a look.


LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack 71242
Pieces: 259; Price: $49.99

71242_01 71242

Things just got spookier in LEGO Dimensions with the all-new Ghostbusters Story Pack!

Relive the film and help Abby Yates and her team of Ghostbusters save the world from the mysterious and evil ghost, Rowen, across 6 action-packed levels of gameplay. Equip Abby with her Proton Blaster to activate her Charge Transfer ability to move electricity between conduits, and use her Intelligence Access ability for puzzle-solving. Ride around in the Ecto 1, then rebuild it into the Ectozer and The Perfecto for super-charged power. Customize the LEGO Toy Pad with the Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant gateway build, and unlock a brand new Ghostbusters Adventure World and exclusive Battle Arena.



LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack 71246
Pieces: 96; Price: $24.99

71246 71246_01

What the jug?! Lumpy Space Princess and Jake the Dog are ready to embark on an adventure in LEGO Dimensions!

Get ready for fun in the Adventure Time Adventure World and Battle Arena with extra-awesome abilities like Slurp Access, Grapple Swing and Shape Shift. When you need to take off in a hurry, jump into Lumpy Car or have BMO give you a lift. Then rebuild Lumpy Car into Lumpy Truck and Lumpy Land Whale, and BMO into DOGMO and SNAKEMO.


LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack 71247
Pieces: 119; Price: $24.99

71247 71247_01

Bring the Wizarding World to life in LEGO Dimensions with Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

Build and place the iconic duo on the LEGO Toy Pad and launch them into the multiverse. Unlock the Harry Potter Adventure World and bring the fight between good and evil into the Battle Arena. Use Harry to cast magical spells such as Leviosa, Stupify, and Expelliarmus to solve puzzles and fight off Death Eaters, or play as Lord Voldemort for access to Dark Arts spells. When travelling across the Adventure World, jump onto the Hogwarts Express or Enchanted Car, and then rebuild the vehicles into the Steam Warrior and Soaring Steam Plane, and the Shark Sub and Monstrous Mouth for special attacks and super weapons.


LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible Level Pack 71248
Pieces: 76; Price: $29.99

71248 71248_01

Secret Agent Ethan Hunt is being framed for the theft of highly classified materials from IMF and needs your help to find the true villain!

Infiltrate your way through the American Embassy, CIA Headquarters and more in this thrilling game level. Build Ethan and use his Camera Spectacles for the perfect disguise, and wear the Magno Gloves to sneak your way up walls. When you need a quick escape, hop onto the IMF Scrambler or IMF Sport Car, and then rebuild the vehicles into the Shock Cycle and IMF Covert Jet, and the IMF Tank and The IMF-Splorer to access a host of new super-spy abilities. Unlock the exclusive Mission: Impossible Adventure World and Battle Arena.


LEGO Dimensions The A-Team Fun Pack 71251
Pieces: 73; Price: $11.99

71251_01 71251 

Smash your way through the LEGO multiverse with the classic action hero, B.A. Baracus.

Add the A-Team’s Mohawk-sporting mechanical genius to the mash-up adventure of your favorite characters! Build and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to send him into the game with his Super Strength and Fix-It abilities, or activate his special A-Team Master Build and Laser Redirect skills for those harder-to-solve puzzles. Unlock the Adventure World and Battle Arena and use B.A.’s Van to quickly get him where he’s needed most, then rebuild it into the Fool Smasher and, if B.A. can overcome his fear of flying, rebuild the vehicle again into The Pain Plane for upgraded powers in the game!

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