LEGO Ideas Third 2015 Review Results Has Been Announced.

Third 2015 LEGO Review Results

This day has surely been filled with great news, one after the other. Hot off the trail of LEGO’s latest announcement on LEGO Dimensions Series 2, comes another piece of good news for those who has been tuning into the Third 2015 LEGO Ideas Review. A couple of hours ago, LEGO Ideas have finally unveiled the projects that made it to the cut to become the next LEGO Idea-based product that will roll out into shelves anytime soon. Watch as LEGO Ideas Online Community Specialist, Hasan, gives the breaking news.

The two projects that came up on top was the Beatles Yellow Submarine (102950) by builder Kevin Szeto, and the Apollo 11 Saturn-V (76841) rocket from saabfan. Here’s the gist of what the LEGO Ideas Review Board have to say about them.


Beatles Yellow Submarine


As an amateur musician and songwriter, Kevin Szeto, wanted to show his affection for The Beatles through a LEGO tribute to the iconic British rock band. He really brought it to life in vibrant and fun colours, and even included the whole band as LEGO Minifigures. Place them in the submarine or build your own stage and reproduce The Beatles’ greatest hits!


Apollo 11 Saturn V

ideas_apollo 11

That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind! saabfan and whatsuptoday have built quite the testament to human exploration. Standing approximately 1 meter tall, this LEGO rocket will soon be ready for lift off.


The LEGO Ideas Review Board has also announced that the first wave of LEGO Ideas for this year is now currently being reviewed, with the results due to come out later this fall. The first 2016 LEGO Ideas review is a tough nut to crack, with plenty of equally impressive sets such as the Fossil Museum, Gingerbread House, the Jedi High Council Chamber, Old Fishing Store, and my personal favorite the Rolling LEGO BB-8.

First 2016 LEGO Review

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