This Is How To Play With Your Food – In LEGO Style.

We’ve seen many true-to-life renditions of daily objects rendered in LEGO form – from chibi-sized LEGO automobiles to clockwork hearts and even a KFC vending machine. But none comes closer to the delectable accuracy and appetizing builds of these LEGO MOCs. Coming from voracious imaginations of Japanese master builder nobu_tary and Bruce Lowell, these tasty reimagining of hearty meals will surely leave you wanting for more.


Mouthwatering pizza.

nobu_tary’s effective use of yellow and red pieces gives this MOC one delicious angle. It’s perfectly placed stand gives it a very realistic effect of all that flowing cheese goodness.


Delectable Hamburger Steak With Egg.

I love the way how the studs stick out from the hamburger steak, giving it a tasty texture, in contrast to the brick-built fried egg’s smooth surface.

Hamburger steak with Egg

Asian Sashimi Delight.

What probably stands out from this fine LEGO Asian dish MOC is nobu_tary’s excellent choice of colors: the hue for the fish, toppings, and even the prawns are all spot on. Just by looking at it already whets my appetite.


On the go? Bring this Subway with you.

Looking at Bruce Lowell’s MOC from a distance will really make you think that you are looking at one gorgeous sub. His clever use of brick layering techniques gives this Subway sandwich a very realistic appeal. He also managed to come up with a nicely proportioned cup of cold drinks and some bag of potato crisps, with the logos of Subway and Lays perfectly recreated.

LEGO Subway Sandwich Meal


I’m quite sure that I’m smacking my lips right now. Writing this post is starting to make me hungry. Be sure to visit our nobu_tary and Bruce Lowell’s Flickr pages to see more of their delicious creations.


Now, let me see what’s in the fridge…





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