This LEGO Recreation Of A Vintage Pluto Pull-Along Toy Is A Fitting Tribute To The Partnership That Started It All.

When you think about the on-going partnership between LEGO and Disney and how it all started, it might be reasonable to consider that it all began with the House of Mouse Ambassador himself, Mickey Mouse. However, a quick search about the history of the LEGO Group reveals otherwise. Starting as a humble, toy workshop situated in idyllic Billund, Denmark, Ole Kirk Christiansen put his exceptional carpentry skills into use when his toyshop began offering wooden toys to children in 1932.

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During the 1940s, LEGO entered into a partnership with the Walt Disney Company to create its very first licensed wooden, pull-along replica of Pluto. It was an instant hit among children at that time. Check out the vintage promotional poster that goes along with it.


In honor of Disney’s most famous bloodhound that started a wonderful partnership between the two powerhouses, and in celebration of Disney and LEGO’s timeless partnership, Brick Journal Editor-in-Chief and Master Builder Joe Meno came up with his own version of this very rare toy collectible using the things that he is very much happy to work with: the LEGO brick.

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Using LEGO graph paper for his initial draft and sketches, Meno’s brick-built recreation of this antique toy is absolutely brilliant. From Pluto’s collar and even to the LEGO label printed on his side, Meno’s LEGO Pluto MOC is truly spot on. The best thing about it is that it’s a pull-along toy as well! Watch the video below to see more of its play features. Wish LEGO can come up with this one for our younger generation to enjoy.

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