WATCH: Skateboard Made Of Actual LEGO Get Tested And Destroyed.

Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding has a knack for trying skateboards of any kinds. Whether it is made of ice, a Nerf gun, or even glass (which is extremely dangerous by the way), as long as it has four wheels underneath, Aaron will not hesitate to ride it. Aaron even encourages his viewer and subscribers to actually send him their own crazy, customized skateboards for him to try out.

Recently, AFOL fan and YouTuber Timmy Joe created his very own skateboard using materials that you may not want to step on to with your bare feet. Behold the life-sized, functional LEGO Skateboard!

lego skateboard

Using his own LEGO pieces that date back to his childhood days, Timmy tested several prototypes to see if his idea can actually support an adult person without breaking apart. After several tries, and more than 20 hours of building and customizing, the LEGO Skateboard is finally ready to be tested by Aaron over at Braille Skateboarding. Take a look at how Timmy built this one-of-a-kind creation through his time lapse video below.

As you may have noticed, Timmy seems to be very excited about his MOC being tested and featured over at Braille Skateboarding. A word of caution though: if you can’t bear the sight of hours of work destroyed for its entertainment value, then you may want to skip the last part of this video.

As tough as it may seem to look at, the LEGO Skateboard did not stand a chance at Aaron’s gruelling test. Perhaps the only thing left for us to see is to have him ride the skateboard using his bare feet – if Aaron and the rest of his guys can figure out how to put it back together.


So what do you think about the LEGO Skateboard? Are you willing to build one and try it? Share us what you think through the comments section below.


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