WATCH: LEGO Skateboard Part 2 – Will It Last Longer This Time?

Last August, we saw an ambitious plan of creating a functional LEGO skateboard that can stand up to the gruelling test of skateboard aficionado Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding. Frankly speaking, the idea was a bit of a disaster waiting to happen – quite literally, as far as Timmy Joe’s LEGO skateboard MOC is concerned. If you’re a LEGO fan at heart, you can’t help but recoil at the thought of this kind of destruction on hours of meticulous work. Nevertheless, Timmy is very clear with his intention: he wants to see if a LEGO skateboard can live up to its purpose. Well, we know already how the story turned out.

Just recently, in a bid to show how a fully-functional, brick-built skateboard can still be realized, another brave soul came up with his own creation, and this time focusing more on strength rather than aesthetics. Peter Brown from the Shop Time YouTube channel demonstrated how LEGO bricks can be exponentially strengthened using super strong resin. I could just imagine the grin on Lord Business’ face at the sight of all those Kragle. Using $200 worth of LEGO bricks and plates (six 10×10 inch base plates, and 250 bricks actually) plus 20 ounce of resin, Peter is all set to send his ‘absurd implement’ to the testing grounds of Braille Skateboarding, the only question is will it last. Watch what happens below.

The result is less cringing to watch compared to the first one. Lasting significantly longer, Peter Brown’s creation is definitely more durable due to the insane amount of resin that he applied on this MOC. It is also made of 100% LEGO, without any additional materials used other than resin. Take a look on how Peter came up with this second iteration of a LEGO skateboard.

Well, I guess there are things are not really meant to be created out of LEGO. News on the street is that Timmy Joe just bought a fresh, new pile of LEGO bricks and is determined to come up with a bullet proof LEGO skateboard to ‘vindicate’ himself. It makes you wonder what they will come up with next.

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