Prepare to Explore a Galaxy of Digital LEGO Bricks In LEGO Worlds – Arriving On PS4 and Xbox One Consoles Beginning February 21, 2017.

A couple of days ago, LEGO and TT Games have announced that the PC sandbox game LEGO Worlds will soon be arriving to gaming consoles, particularly on PlayStation  4 and Xbox One starting February 21, 2017. The free imaginative and social game began as a Steam Early Access title and will also be available as a full commercial release for PC users. On top of this and for a limited time only, a LEGO Agents DLC Pack featuring new characters, vehicles, weapons and more from the Agents range of play materials, will be made available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Read on for LEGO’s full press release followed by its official trailer video.



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Players Can Create Anything Imaginable and Define Their Own Adventures In the Ultimate Digital LEGO Bricks Building Experience

Burbank, Calif. – Nov. 29, 2016 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO® Group today announced that LEGO® Worlds, a galaxy of imaginative worlds made entirely of digital LEGO bricks where players can explore, discover and create together, will commercially launch on February 21, 2017 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and STEAM. Developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, LEGO Worlds has been in STEAM Early Access since last year allowing players to provide feedback for continual improvements leading up to its official launch.

“In LEGO Worlds, players will go on an exciting journey to become a Master Builder, in an open-world made completely of LEGO-built environments,” said Jonathan Smith, Head of Production, TT Games. “Whether customizing characters, exploring in vehicles, building structures, or discovering an expansive range of items, characters and creatures throughout the worlds, there’s the freedom to create anything imaginable.”

 LEGO Worlds Dance Party 744x419 LEGO Worlds Brick House 744x419

“LEGO Worlds expands our LEGO videogame franchise with a new experience that embodies all the fun of physical LEGO brick building,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “TT Games has created an expansive, digital universe that combines unlimited creativity with the LEGO humor that fans love.”

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“LEGO Worlds brings the very essence of LEGO play – building – to the digital world, more than ever before,” said Niels Jørgensen, Vice President, Digital Games for The LEGO Group. “We are excited to bring our physical and digital play models closer together and know it will resonate with our core audience – and engage new ones. We believe LEGO Worlds has the potential to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through its experience of open-ended creative play.”

LEGO Worlds Race Finish Line 744x419 LEGO Worlds Hot Air Balloons 744x419 LEGO Worlds Gorilla 744x419 LEGO Worlds Driller 744x419

In LEGO Worlds, players uncover hidden treasures in environments that range from fun to the fantastical, where worlds come to life with a dizzying variety of vehicles and creatures – from cowboys riding giraffes to vampires scaring Yetis, to steamrollers, racing cars and colossal digging machines. Gamers can embark on a quest to become a Master Builder by helping other LEGO characters along the way – find a sword for a king, protect a farmer from a zombie invasion, or build a home for a caveman. Environments and creations are brought to life in any way fans can imagine, either by building brick by brick, placing down enormous prebuilt LEGO structures, or by using wondrous tools that let you paint and shape the landscape. LEGO Worlds’ online multiplayer functionality allows players to explore each other’s worlds together, create together, and engage in cooperative and competitive play experiences that players can build themselves.

A separate LEGO Agents DLC pack, featuring new characters, vehicles, weapons and more from the Agents range of play materials, will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 for a limited time.


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