Here’s A Great Idea To Liven Up Your Christmas LEGO Corner With a Motorized Santa Sleigh and Reindeer.

Most of us are probably done by now with this year’s Christmas decorations and are just simply enjoying the view. Being like-minded AFOLs, it will not come as a surprise if our passion for LEGO’s brightly colored bricks will find its way in our little Christmas corner during this most wonderful time of the year. LEGO understand this very well and throughout the years, has produced a very extensive line of Christmas-themed sets and ornaments that never fail to brighten up any home. One such Christmas-inspired set in particular is the LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop (10245) from 2014. Coming in at 883 pieces, it is an advanced model that features the home of Mr. & Mrs. Claus as they get ready to deliver their gifts to the entire world. Using brightly colored bricks and elements befitting of the holidays, it is one of the LEGO Creator sets that can easily pass as a lovely Christmas diorama. You may want to check out our review of this set right here.

10245 1

However, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has come up with a great idea to make Santa’s Workshop even better by bringing it to life. He decided to animate this set by building a motorized base for Santa’s sleigh and reindeers to add a bit of motion to an otherwise static display. Watch how he did it in the video below.

Jason did a very fine job in keeping the base low profile as much as possible, giving Santa’s sleigh a more natural movement. He kept the placement of the model’s motor quite discreet that even at only five plates tall, the set’s drive system can hardly be noticed.

sleighWhite sleighBaseReindeer sleighBaseMotor sleighBase

Same as his usual creatively animated works, he was kind enough to share the design for his motorized Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. You can download a copy of his building instructions, or you may also visit his website for other interesting notes about his creation.

Jason Allemann also has other LEGO sets credited to him such as the LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) which is already retiring soon, and another LEGO Ideas entry which is the Pop-Up Book in collaboration with Grant Davis. You may want to visit the LEGO Ideas website to cast your vote for this proposal if you wish to see it become an official LEGO set.


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