Several 2017 LEGO Summer Sets We’re Still Waiting To See.

It is without a doubt that LEGO started well this 2017, with a huge stash of sets unveiled to all of our hearts’ content. Now that the news is out (as well as the juicy, official images that goes with it) regarding LEGO’s sets slated to be released this winter and the good first half of the year, one is tempted to think, “what’s next”?

Thanks to the efforts of Price Vortex and online Dutch shop SinQel, we now have a partial list of set names for the many LEGO sets slated to be revealed this Summer. You may remember that we already shared the names of 14 of the LEGO Ninjago Movie sets that will be revealed just in time before the next LEGO animated film hits theaters in September, including as well a good number coming from the 2017 LEGO Star Wars Summer sets. With the Toy Fairs getting ready for their big, annual events, we hope to catch a glimpse of these sets anytime soon.



Fun at the Beach (60153)

Bus Station (60154)

Jungle Buggy (60156)

Jungle Starter Set (60157)

Jungle Cargo Helicopter (60158)

Jungle Mission (60159)

Jungle Mobile Laboratory (60160)

Jungle Research Station (60161)

Coast Guards Starter Set (60163)

Seaplane Rescue (60164)

4×4 Rescue Vehicle (60165)

Heavy Rescue Helicopter (60166)

Coast Guards Headquarters (60167)

Freight Terminal (60169)


LEGO Creator

Space Shuttle Explorer (31066)

Holidays at the Pool (31067)

Modern House (31068)

Family Villa (31069)

Turbo Track Racer (31070)


LEGO Elves

Azari & The Goblin Chief Escape (41186)

Rosalyn’s Healing Shelter (41187)

Escape from the Goblin King’s Fortress (41188)


LEGO Friends

Heartlake Surf Shop (41315)

Andrea’s Speed Boat (41316)

Sunshine Catamaran (41317)

Heartlake Hospital (41318)

Winter Sports SUV (41321)

Winter Sports Ski Rink (41322)

Winter Sports Mountain Cabin (41323)

Winter Sports Ski Lift (41324)

Friends Advent Calendar 2017 (41326)


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

GotG Vol.2 : Ayesha’s Revenge (76079)

GotG Vol.2 : Ravager Attack (76080)


LEGO Nexo Knights

The Heligoyle (70353)

Axl’s Rumble Maker (70354)

Aaron’s Rock Climber (70355)

The Colossus of Ultimate Destruction (70356)

Knighton Castle (70357)

Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon (70361)

NEXO Combo Powers Wave 2 (70373)



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