“Stand Aside, I Must Apprehend That Mutant!”


For those of you who have been following our blog site, you may have realized that I have a sweet spot for the late 80s up to the 90s. For me, it is the Golden Age of Saturday morning cartoons, where waiting for the weekend to arrive seems like forever. One of the classic 90s cartoons that I religiously followed is the classic X-Men released by Marvel Productions and Saban Entertainment. The animated series ran for 5 years from 1992 until 1997. One of the things (or villains) that impressed me the most in the series are those towering mechanical monstrosities called Sentinels. Before we had their modern, shape-shifting iterations as seen in MCU’s X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), the classic Sentinel was more menacing both in size and sheer power. That kind of wonder and awe for such a powerful villain, whom the X-Men buckled every now then, really left an impression in me.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled into this minifig scale MOC of the infamous colossus created by Henry Pinto for the Sydney Brick Show last April.  According to Henry, this brick-built Sentinel comes in at 101cm. (almost 4 feet) tall and 45cm. wide, and weighs in at 7.5 kilograms. Check out these images below from his Facebook post.

Love how those X-Men minifigures look so puny in comparison to this Sentinel. The balance and articulation of this MOC is outstanding considering its weight and dimensions. Henry never missed any details in rendering this frightening mechanical beast with its pink and metallic blue color scheme and light effects. Impressively, Henry built this MOC without the aid of LDD and frankly admits that he does not have a piece count. I guess sheer talent and creativity does not necessarily need to have a building manual.

You may follow Henry’s Flickr site for more pictures on how his Sentinel MOC was created. Thanks Henry for sharing your brick-built, stomping creation.



Author: Albert Balanza

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  1. Even though I’m commenting almost 5 years later, I agree this was one of tee best Saturday morning cartoons a kid or young adult could ask for with regards to the X-MEn. Love the Sentinel MOC. While the future Sentinels in the XMen Days of Future Past are a far cry different from what’s in the cartoon and comics the older or first Gen Sentinels in the XMen movies were a much loser match to the classic ones. I have been collecting Legos and toys since I was a kid and I have one of the giant sized Sentinel toys made by TOYBIZ boxed up somewhere.

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