Official Image of the LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 40268 Polybag Minifigure Now Up at LEGO Servers.

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Last January, we discovered an interesting find that LEGO Star Wars minifigure collectors may find appealing. Back then, we have no idea yet on how to have our hands on the LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 (40268) polybag minifigure which is now being offered at eBay France. According to Brickset’s report, the polybag was offered then in a Romanian LEGO monobrand store as a free promotional. Other than these reports, details were scant about this new line of minifigures. As a brief background, the said astromech made its first appearance in last year’s hit Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One.

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However, thanks to a tip from Hoth Bricks, we now know that the said minifigure polybag is now uploaded in LEGO’s servers. The appearance of R3-M2’s official image suggests that we may find more details anytime soon via Will it be a new promotional, or will LEGO introduce a new line of minifigure collectibles? As Hoth Bricks pointed out, the design of the minifig’s base using a Technic pin suggests that it may be interlocked with other minifigs as well. Moreover, the polybag’s slimmer, thinner design suggests that it is a part of a larger box or container.

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Will LEGO follow in Disney’s steps in introducing the Droid Factory line? We’re not quite sure yet, but it’s a welcome gesture from the part of LEGO to introduce such a design, and whether R3-M2 will be a part of a larger series of minifigure collectibles remains to be seen.

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