Don’t Stomp On This Brick-Built Beetle… Unless You Want Your Foot to Get the LEGO Treatment.

Here in Brick Show news, we’ve featured several MOCs that either swept us in amazement, or had us literally jumping on our toes because of its shock factor. Seeing MOCs such as the latter reminds me on how it feels like when watching an episode of Fear Factor when the host suddenly unveils the next nerve-wracking, most shocking task any phobic person can face. It may be a bit of an overkill to say the least, but I guess if you have a life-sized MOC as horrifying as that of the terrifying face hugger in the Alien movie franchise, then being scared is a necessary survival response.

If there is something that scares me out of my wits more than a chest-busting alien, it is the idea of having bugs crawling on my skin. I know, I may sound a bit biased against these seemingly harmless critters, but if you have something like the Calosoma Australodrepa to contend with, then perhaps you may have second thoughts before you casually brush them off aside– even if it is made up of LEGO bricks as excellently rendered by LEGO expert builder Olga Rodinova.

Calosoma Australodrepa

Olga recreated the Calosoma using predominantly black LEGO pieces, giving it a life-like look and feel. Flip it on its back and you will easily dismiss it as a dead insect at first glance.


Olga’s excellent use of joints, hinge, and wedge pieces gave this brick-built Calosoma beetle an ultrarealistic, true-to-form, build. Just be sure not to step on it because it WILL surely sting.

You may follow Olga and more of her brickified works via her Flickr page.




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