With Batman, Friends Will Always Be Family.

Though the waves are starting to settle down at brick-built Gotham, The LEGO Batman Movie has left its mark (read: through an awesome, theatrical experience) on movie goers who remember seeing the film with all smiles and laughter. It has been almost a month since the film made its theatrical debut, and we’ve seen how Will Arnett’s take on the Dark Knight became an instant sensation even to non-LEGO fans. As many outfits as the Caped Crusader has in the LEGO Batman Movie, his persona has  been rendered in so many ways as well – perhaps the best among all of them is his musical, mic-dropping, alter ego.

LEGO Batman

We’ve seen how the brooding Dark Knight fends off his frenimies with a dark, hard-hitting tune to beat at the beginning of the film, and thanks to Movie Maniacs, we now see how the film’s turn of events led to a change of heart for our hero. If you’ve seen the film already, chances are, you’ve stayed long enough in the theater (who wouldn’t be) to watch its credit scenes, accompanied by a hip and preppy music video. It’s a clever play in contrasts if I should say, with the film starting off with a solitary Batman fighting off crime all by himself, and with the closing credits playing a beat that shows how a brooding hero can eventually surround himself with good vibes. Check out the music video below.

Even if the song is, as Batman’s ‘Puter says it, “is an upbeat, and slightly annoying song that parents and studio executives love”, it can’t be denied that the song has a nice ring to it. If you like this one, and the rest of the music used in the film (not mentioning the fact that you ACTUALLY want to have everything that has LEGO Batman Movie on it), you may check out the film’s original soundtrack which you can order right here.


Now, let’s play that tune again…

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