WATCH: See How The LEGO Batman Movie Was Animated.

Those of you who are into stop motion LEGO animation know how daunting the task can be. So imagine if you’re out to make a full length movie (1 hour and 44 minutes to be exact) out of millions of LEGO bricks, and bring to life one of the most iconic superheroes around.


This is exactly what the tech savvy team of animators at special effects studio Animal Logic have in mind when they were tasked to create The LEGO Batman Movie. So how did they actually pull this off and came up with a totally awesome film? Mike Seymour of’s Design FX gives us an insider look at how the film was animated inside the studios of Animal Logic. Check this out.

The facts on how The LEGO Batman Movie was made are simply mind-blowing.

  • 220 million distinct LEGO bricks and pieces (rendered digitally) were used to recreate Gotham City.
  • If Gotham City, as seen in the film, were made into an actual, physical set, then you’ll be needing lots of space equivalent to the size of 6 ½ football fields.
  • The LEGO Batman Movie is significantly larger than its predecessor, The LEGO Movie, in terms of all the LEGO elements used which was approximately at around three trillion elements.
  • The team of animators at Animal Logic used what they call as replacement animation in bringing to life Batman’s subtle facial expressions and body movement. This means that they actually replace Batman’s cowl and arms and legs each time he is animated, to create a fluid, more organic movement of the superhero’s minifig version. This means that every part of Batman is replaced on every scene that he goes through.
  • That 7-second scene where Robin accidentally bumped his head on the dashboard of the Batmobile took 45 takes and several months to work out.

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