Dive into the Fast-Paced, Art of the Brick in Blocks Magazine Issue #33.

Blocks Magazine Issue #33 is now available in stores, and this new issue focuses on the finer aesthetics of the brick as LEGO artists share their passion in using LEGO as an art medium. The latest sets under the Speed Champions line are also placed under the spotlight, alongside the awesome Speed Champions Monaco Grand Prix MOC of Simon Pickard. Read Blocks Magazine’s official press release for its issue #33 for more details.


Monaco Grand Prix build, Technic interview and inside LEGO art in Blocks 33

It’s time to get in gear with Blocks Issue 33, as the monthly LEGO magazine takes on the world’s most famous hairpin turn with our Speed Champions Monaco Grand Prix build.

Fans will delight in seeing how Simon Pickard has adapted his innovative building technique for the Monaco hairpin, taking the challenge to the next level in an impressive, completely exclusive build – he has even provided build tips showing how to incorporate the techniques used into future MOCs.

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The relationship between art and the LEGO brick gets a deep-dive, as Blocks looks at how different artists have used this medium to express their creativity. With access to some of the world’s most prolific artists, this is a feature not to be missed.

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LEGO Technic Senior Design Manager Andrew Woodman takes readers through the development process of the mammoth Bucket Wheel Excavator, explaining just how Technic designers create models that are both authentic and functional.

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Speed Champions and Technic also get the Blocks review team putting new sets through their paces, before they slice through a number of pizza-themed sets and the new BrickHeadz range. Over in Technique, readers will get expert advice on producing life-like plants for those LEGO landscapes.

As well as a trip down memory lane to look back at some classic LEGO Police sets – and see how they have developed to become what they are today – AFOLs will enjoy regular sections Month in MOCs, BrickPicker and Brick Wife.

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