Official LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Set Images Starting to Appear at Some Online Toy Stores.

Hi there Brick Fans! I’ve been out for quite some time due to a very nasty Internet problem from my end, and I’m just glad that my internet service is now back! So what’s a LEGO fan boy do after being cutoff from online civilization for quite some time? Hitting away at the keyboard of course, looking at things that I missed recently, and what is currently happening on the LEGO landscape. Lo and behold, it seems that there is a ton of new brick info that is running all over the Internet, and this particular one happens to be hailing from a galaxy far, far away.

Earlier last month, I posted an article in which we had a glimpse, though a bit blurry, of the latest LEGO Star Wars set to debut just in time for Force Friday in September. However, since we understand that LEGO is privy about these matters, we decided to remove these images even if they were almost unrecognizable. But as they say, the cat is out of the bag already and it seems that some online retailers have already listed these sets for pre-order, including the sets’ official images and product descriptions. Now, we’re walking on a slippery slope here, but since this is from an independent, third-party retailer and not from any illegitimate source (aka leaks), I guess it becomes somewhat official.

So here we go. Credit goes to Polish online toy retailer, Planetaklockow for sharing these images. What is also interesting about their listing is that they managed to include a Polish translation of the sets’ official product description. If you prefer, you can also do a rough Google translation of what these descriptions say. However, bear in mind that this may actually be more confusing considering how this kind of translation works.

UPDATE: It looks like Planetaklockow eventually removed their listing for these sets. Oh well…

UPDATE 2: Since the initial publication of these images came from a third-party retailer whom mistakenly listed these on their site ahead of LEGO’s official press statement, LEGO asked us to remove these images from our site as well. 

Resistance Transport Pod (75176)


First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177)


Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter (75179)


BB-8 (75187)


Resistance Bomber (75188)


First Order Heavy Assault Walker (75189)


First Order Star Destroyer (75190)


Elite TIE Fighter Pilot (75526)



Rey (75528)


Elite Praetorian Guard (75529)


Chewbacca (75530)




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