Enter The Upside Down With Tyler’s LEGO Stranger Things Byers’ House MOC.

I’m an avid sci-fi fan during my teenage years as long as I can remember. With the 90’s X-Files, Sliders, and Stargate SG-1 coming into mind, I remember those days when I rush back home coming from school on a Friday night, just to make sure that I don’t miss out on my childhood crush Gillian Anderson (who played the strong-willed, but charming Agent Dana Scully). Fast forward to 2017, I have to admit that the young wide-eyed teenager in me where tamed a little bit, and my taste for mystery and suspense was also tempered. I wasn’t into the science-fiction scene for quite some time until recently, when this peculiar Netflix newbie came into the spotlight.

If you already know what I’m hinting at, then you probably have an idea what I’m talking about. Yup, I’m referring to that upside down world of Stranger Things, the landslide Netflix series that caught the attention of netizens the world over. Now renewed for its second season, the mystery that surrounds the small suburban town in Hawkins, Indiana is about to be rattled once again.

Now before I go on a Netflix binge this Friday evening, I couldn’t help but take time to admire what Tyler has in the works – his way of tribute to the strange and bizarre world of Stranger Things. If you’re not familiar with the series, seeing how this latest MOC looks from the outside maybe a little bit unsurprising.

Untitled 1

On the outside, this next creation from Tyler looks like a plain, ordinary suburban home – short of boring, actually. But fans of the Netflix series will immediately recognize it as the famous Byers’ Residence, home of Will Byers. As always, Tyler manages to recreate this humble abode and stuff it up with plenty of nice surprises. So let’s take a look.

Looking at the house’s roof section, we can see that Tyler added two removable panels that allow you easy access on the insides of the house. These two roof panels are easily removable from its rafters, and likewise, the rafters are also conveniently connected to the walls of the house using two tile pieces with studs.

Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4

Removing the rafters gives you a better look on what is inside the Byers’ House, with all the Christmas lights and other internal stuff. The nice thing is, there is even a hinge on one side of the house and a clip on another that lets you open the house from its side, similar to how LEGO will do it with their modular sets. The hinge on the Byers’ House also gives you access to some of the internal details on one side of the house a little better, especially the kitchen, hallway, and backroom.

Untitled 5

s ST03

Tyler also added plenty of features in this MOC that alludes to some of the important features of the Byers’ House. If you look at the hallway, you can see a mini bear trap, cleverly recreated using several bucket pieces and clips, and the yellow telephone that Joyce uses to hear what’s happening in The Upside Down. Besides the hallway, you can find Will Byers’ room with all the lamps, radio, and dishevelled beddings.

Untitled 7
Untitled 8

Moving on to the front of the house, you can find the very familiar Christmas lights setup inside the living room and across the dining area. In the living room you can see the minifigure version of Joyce Byers sitting on her couch, and an axe on hand. Behind Joyce, you can see the wall with the alphabet on them which Tyler custom printed. Tyler did not spare the details when he included a brick-built cardboard box as well. There is also another play feature that Tyler has thrown in to this MOC. If you look closely at the wall beside the cardboard box, you’ll find that this section of the wall collapses when you press on it, as if Joyce Byers smashed through it using her axe as this wall section breaks out. Quite clever of Tyler to add this fine detail.

Untitled 9
Untitled 10 s ST02
Untitled 11
Untitled 12

Finally, we have our minifigures! We have Jonathan Byers with his camera and bat accessories, Joyce Byers and her trusty ‘ol axe, and the main antagonist of the first series, the Demogorgon (aka The Monster). I like how Tyler managed to recreate this interdimensional monster using a droid minifigure from Star Wars. Very ingenious indeed.

Untitled 13

Here’s Tyler with his own take on this LEGO Stranger Things Byers’ House MOC.

Now if you love Stranger Things and would like to recreate your favorite scenes from the Netflix series, be sure to visit BuildBetterBricks.com and download the building instructions to recreate these awesome MOC.

Stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more news updates, cool MOCs, and other things awesome things under the LEGO sun.

s ST01

Happy building!



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