From the Leaking Faucet: More 2018 LEGO Star Wars Set Descriptions.

Just when you thought that LEGO called in the plumber to fix those persistent LEGO Star Wars leaks, we now received info on three possible LEGO Star Wars sets that are set to be released this August. Tipped to us by an anonymous source, the information that was forwarded to us matches closely what we already know about these remaining 2018 Summer LEGO Star Wars sets. Again, we will not be showing images, but will just describe them as they were relayed to us. Here’s what we know so far.

Republic V-Wing Torrent Fighter (75217)

Expected retail price between $80-100. This looks like to be the largest among the three sets mentioned here considering its expected price range. Minifigures include:

  • Clone Pilot – same as we got the in Republic Attack Gunship (7676) a few years back.
  • Captain Rex – new helmet design and comes with 2 blaster pistols and a new dark blue/black colored pauldron.
  • Commander Cody – new helmet mold and has an orange colored bar onto the helmet and looks very odd. He has orange arms and various orange lines on his torso and legs. He also has a blaster.
  • Plo Koon – new alien head mold with dark brown robes and a dark brown material skirt like piece, similar to Rex’s kama piece. He also has a blue lightsaber.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi – same face as previous version and short darker orange hair. He has a white torso with tan robes, while the robe design continues to the legs and has white 2 folded boots and a blue lightsaber.
  • Battle Droid – exactly the same like in any other Star Wars sets.
  • Droideka – fully brick built similar to previous versions, but this time comes equipped with a stud shooter.

The vehicle itself is predominantly white accented with many dark red pieces for a striking contrast. The three wings of the V-Wing can be folded up and down, comes with spring-loaded missiles on all of its wings, and are adorned with insignias of the Republic, very much the same with 2008’s V-19 Torrent (7674). There is also a brown speeder bike which has a rail like design at the bottom, and can fit into the brick built rack on the Torrent which has a rather large slot. The brown speeder bike looks very similar to how it looks like in the Republic Attack Gunship (7676), also from 2008.  The last smaller build is a bright blue and dark blue STAP which can hold a Battle Droid and has a transparent rod and clear pieces to look as if it is hovering above the ground similar to how it seen in the AT-TE Walker (7675), and again from 2008.

Will LEGO have it like a combined re-release of some of the bits and portions of these sets, especially that it has been 10 years ago since we last saw them? We can only speculate.

The Throne Room Duel (75216)

Expected retail price between $40-60. This set comes straight from the throne room battle scene between Rey and Kylo, against Supreme Leader Snoke from The Last Jedi. Minifigures include:

  • Rey – her minifig version in this set is similar to that in the First Order Heavy Assault Walker (75189).
  • Kylo Ren – nothing new to the overall look as compared to his previous minifigure iterations, except for a new angry face (well, he IS always angry after all) with sweat or tear drops.
  • Snoke – we only have the First Order’s Supreme Leader in minifigure form in the First Order Star Destroyer (75190), and it looks he’ll have another LEGO set with him in it this time, with an angrier and more sinister looking face print.
  • Praetorian Guard #1 – this one has a new molded helmet in red with printed fine black lines on his face section and has a Technic brick built weapon in red and transparent red, which is quite odd looking according to our source. Frankly, I find it difficult to imagine how a minifig-scaled weapon can be built using Technic pieces. We just have to wait and see.
  • Praetorian Guard #2 – comes with a different helmet as compared to Praetorian Guard #1, and has a shortened rope climbing piece in black and has 1×1 red transparent clips on half of the climbing folded plastic sections. Again, this new minifig scaled accessory seems very different than anything LEGO has offered before. If you’ve seen The Last Jedi already, you can easily recall this Throne Room fight scene where this particular Praetorian Guard wields a somewhat whip-like weapon that also converts into a pointed staff, like the one on the extreme right side of the image below.

TLJ Praetorian Guards

About the set itself, it comes in a similar shape and build like that of the Death Star Final Duel (75093) from 2015. The left side has a large cloth piece in red with a small black platform below and has a jumping function and a Praetorian Guard that can be placed on top to jump in and join in the fray. On the cloth piece is a ragged looking hole, almost placed at random. The opposite side has the same exact idea, but includes a TIE Fighter style translucent cockpit piece with a new looking print, and a computer console piece connected to it. This particular side does not have the same rugged hole design as mentioned before. The middle section has a dark gray and black brick built angular shaped section with a chair very similar to the Emperor’s. It has white 1×2’s, 1×1’s and a few of the new quarter circle pieces in white placed around the chair which I don’t know if this is a function or some sort. There is a small pod-like build which is almost identical to the one found in Superman: Black Zero Escape (76009). It is in dark gray, dark red detail and a trans clear windshield with a dark gray sticker applied onto it. There seems to be printed (or stickers, were not quite sure) 1×2 curved pieces on the throne where Snoke is seated. All in all, the set may have this kind of a vibe as seen in the image below.

star wars last jedi trailer images 5

Resistance Transport Ship (75215)

Expected retail price between $30-40. Minifigures include:

  • General Leia Organa – comes with a new outfit and face design, with a dark gray cape similar perhaps to how she is depicted in the Hot Toys action figure below.

cropped Hot Toys Last Jedi Leia 002

  • Kaydel Ko Konnix – uses Princess Leia’s hair mold from the 2007’s Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (10179) colored in dark tan, and has a new torso design and a blaster.
  • C-3PO – almost the same as his versions found in LEGO Star Wars A New Hope sets, except with no silver printing.
  • Nien Numb – finally a new LEGO Star Wars alien minifigure head. He has a black jacket with red shirt printing and red arms. He also has a blaster accessory.
  • Resistance Soldier – it looks to be a bearded, male version of the Resistance Trooper found in the First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177).

As the smallest set among the three, it comes in as a very compact transport in dark gray and tan. It is kind of stubby, but almost pointed in shape. It has 2 windows on either side of the set and can be opened to reveal a quite spacious interior size (for a minifigure to be exact). It also comes with spring loaded missiles on either side, transparent blue screens inside the build similar to computer monitors and two weapons racks for thermal detonators. All in all, this set is said to be in the same scale as that of the A-Wing Starfighter (75003) from 2013.


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  1. “Will LEGO have it like a combined re-release of some of the bits and portions of these sets, especially that it has been 10 years ago since we last saw them? We can only speculate.”

    Dude, i would ADORE a re-release of the 2008 Gunship with fully closable doors and cool clone minifigures (without the Clone Wars era bug-eyes), also an update on the AT-TE would be nice, and my secret hope of remaking the Clone Turbo Tank just this time make it much bigger but keep the quality/detailing of the 2016 version. Then my life would be complete (or my collection at least).

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