Issue 31 of UK LEGO Star Wars Magazine Includes a Mini-Sized Kylo Ren Shuttle

LEGO as a brand has long since transcended their original toy products to become a prominent presence on a multimedia scale. Aside from the animated TV series, the direct-video movies and the cinematic blockbusters, LEGO has a good run in the print media as well.

One particularly popular IP partnered with LEGO is Star Wars. As such, the LEGO Star Wars line of products has the honor of having their very own dedicated monthly mini-magazine. Aimed primarily for kids but still accessible for older children, the LEGO Star Wars Mag is coming out with its 31st issue in the UK.

And what a treat it’ll be for little British readers picking up a copy of LEGO Star Wars UK #31 this month. It comes with an included limited-edition LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren Shuttle, probably a repackaged set 30380, covered earlier, its polybag attached to the front cover.

LEGO Star Wars 31 2

Whether intentional or not, the accompanying Ren Shuttle mini-set is small enough to still show part of the cover photo, showing a LEGO Kylo Ren minifigure in all his angry glory with his wicked red cross-bladed lightsaber ignited. The LEGO Star Wars issue 31 also includes two pullout posters within its pages.

While the children’s LEGO magazine is still out now in the UK, its following issue, number 32, will hit the shelves and racks on February 7. A preview photo reveals that February’s freebie will be an Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure, a welcome addition to any expanding LEGO Star Wars collection.

LEGO Star Wars 31 4 225x300

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  1. >probably a repackaged set 30380

    Just look at pictures of them (even on packaging) and you’ll see that they are different sets.

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