Summer 2018 LEGO City Arctic Set Names and Numbers Revealed!

UPDATED (02/12/2018): It seems that I have overlooked this one. I intend to say ‘set numbers’ and NOT images. However, to make up for this error, here are the ‘images’, though insufferably blurred so we can have a narrow escape from the brick police.

Last month, we reported on how things will look like this summer as far as the LEGO City theme is concerned. With this year’s LEGO City Mining sets just coming in, and the Mountain Police still enjoying some relative degree of following since it was made available last December, it looks like LEGO has already mapped out the LEGO City landscape for 2018.

After the tease published by LEGO on the January to May LEGO Catalog, we now have confirmation that the next wave of Summer LEGO City sets is indeed an Arctic themed one.

We were able to gather some intel on these upcoming LEGO City Arctic set names and numbers for your reference. I will try to describe these sets later on, but in the mean time, you might be interested to know that the LEGO City Artic theme is made up primarily of orange and blue pieces, with a set having a nice, new mammoth bigfig.

Here’s the set names and images.

60190 Arctic Ice Glider


60191 Arctic Exploration


60192 Arctic Ice Crawler

60192 e1518394656284

60193 Arctic Air Transport


60194 Arctic Scout Truck


60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base



Cool, right (no pun intended)? Stay tuned for more Summer 2018 LEGO City updates.

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